What Are the Spookiest Places in Owensboro?

We’re a gang. We’re looking for the spookiest places in the tri-state, and we need your help. I’ve thought of a couple with Chad’s help as well, like this old church behind the old trinity church theatre workshop in Owensboro, which has been here since 1875. This place is creepy. So, by all means, let’s take a look at sino. You’re going into the basement now of the theatre workshop of Israel Trinity Church which, as you saw, is 156 48 years old. That’s pretty creepy. Look at this little duck in here, all right where we keep all our props okay please, yeah, okay. I kind of dig the chandelier.
You don’t always wonder where that tunnel led that’s been bricked up. Oh, that was a tunnel. Well yeah, look at that guy. That is so cool. Yep, the basement of the old trinity church dinner workshop that would go onto the street uh-huh, and who knows what’s back there. Yeah, I would love to know, but I guess we’ll never know. Very creepy endeavor. one of the spookiest places in Owensboro, this old Lake; I’ve called it a swamp because it looks a lot like it’s a swamp. This old Lake is out of the windy hollow road. I mean, seriously, don’t you kind of have expected Jason to come to pop it up out of that any minute with back in there. This place is creepy, and I love it.
What was that and finally downtown at the courthouse? I’ve heard stories about the courthouse my whole life so let’s buck up and go downstairs. Here we go to the basement of the courthouse downtown. Now they’ve had mediums come and spend the night here and did some recordings. And they saw a figure at the end of that hallway. Now let’s see if I’m going to be the only figure at the end of that hallway ready let’s go. Don’t worry. I’m right next to you. They told me to go into the room before I get to the stairs and wonder if that’s the room, the record room. I think that’s in oh, I’m sorry oops nope okay. Fortunately, it was a natural person, okay, so they saw it on these stairs creepy the base of the old courthouse. Well, the only courthouse forgot I would Lorna been here all my life. It’s cold, it’s quiet, and it’s okay if you tell me what some of the spookiest places you’ve been to are. You know Inspiron because I want to go, so help me out. Anytime I’m going to get out of here.

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