Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends

Kentucky is a stunning place that straddles the line between modern and Western a Bluegrass State. The house is some of the most terrifying and strangest ghost stories you’ll ever hear about. So today, on the top five scary videos, I’m going to be counting down our list of the top five scary Kentucky urban legends. Before we begin, be sure to stick around until the end of the video, where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. Let’s jump in. At five, the witch girl was a pilot snob. This legend comes to us from Marion, Kentucky, where a young girl was buried in a concrete grave back in 1916. A woman named Mary Louise Ford and her five-year-old daughter Mary Ellen Ford were living in Pilot snob. the mother and daughter who were accused of being witches, and instead of waiting for the trial, the frightened villagers dragged the mother and daughter out of the house and burned them alive at the stake classic witch business. They then buried the mother’s body in a different location to avoid the young girl coming back from the dead and seeking revenge. The fearful villagers made sure to take precautions. They buried the daughter in a pilot’s knob in a steel-reinforced coffin, and then after lowering it into the grave, they filled it with concrete. Following that, they put gravel on top and built a metal fence all around the gravesite. They were pretty damn scared. According to legend, the young girl’s ghost paces back and forth behind the fence, searching for her mother, who was buried somewhere else. Yeah, she cannot escape the confines of the fence. Many locals have even reported seeing tiny child’s footprints in the gravel over her grave, and some believe that if you visit the girl’s Grove alone and get too close, her hands will come up and grab ahold of you and drag you down into the concrete. folks have reported seeing her say that she wears a white dress, is scorched at the bottom, and her long blonde hair smokes at the ends. in it for the hanging back of Allendale train tunnel, the Allendale train tunnel is located south of Cincinnati in the woods behind the Allendale trailer park in Elsmere, Kentucky. Now legend goes that a man hung himself from a hook set above the tunnel entrance some years ago. The man’s ghost is said to walk the tunnel even up here, hanging from the hook. Not only that but there are also reports of disembodied voices and screams coming from inside the tunnel. Now for those seeking to locate the tunnel, there has been some confusion simply because it’s known as a train tunnel, yet no trains run through it. It’s a tunnel for the stream that runs under the tracks. To reach it, you must enter the woods, travel down a hill, and follow the stream to reach the tunnel, which is now heavily graffitied and littered. Although in urban legend, one element rings true there is a hook above the entrance to the tunnel, the clear indicator that you’re in the right place. enjoy in it three the witch’s tree on 6th Street and Park Avenue Louisville, Kentucky. You’ll find what can only be described as a natural monstrosity: a knotted tree so misshapen and tortured they could easily serve as a portal Hell. Even if the tree itself didn’t catch your attention, the trinkets, baubles, and bead necklaces would hang from the branches. Certainly, woods are items that the Louisville locals have placed to appease the vengeful witches. To appease the vengeful witches now the legend of the bizarre tree begins in the late 19th century. It was supposedly the gathering place for a coven of witches where they would perform their ceremonies. All was well until the City Planning Committee decided to remove the tree ahead of the annual May Day celebration. This, of course, just pleased the witches greatly, so much that they cast a curse exactly 11 months to the day after the tree was cut down. This is because he suffered a storm, so severe locals assumed that the witches had made good on their curse and summoned a storm demon. now during this horrendous storm, lightning struck the stump of the old witch’s tree, and suddenly a new tree began to grow; however, it was not a healthy tree but rather twisted another worldly now whether these stories are true or not, the locals of Louisville believe this tree houses something dark and sinister and to this day continue to adorn it with baubles and trinkets. in it to the headless woman of Iroquois Park, Iroquois Park is a 739-acre park in Louisville, Kentucky, designed by Frederick Law Cherokee and Shawnee parks. It is a serene and picturesque park with an old-growth forest and a new point atop the hill. However, as you wander through the forest and the winding trails on a warm night, you may begin to hear the sound of a dog barking wildly. Following that, a thick fog will roll in, partially obstructing your vision, then you will smell the stench of smoke, and fire begins to rise in the air. The fog will break but Just for a moment, and then you’ll see a figure begin to approach. Now accounts vary, but some state that a woman will appear dressed in early 1800 settlement clothes, and as she walks through the park, you can see her very clearly holding her head in her hands as blood drips from her severed neck. The legend has been passed down from generation to generation with each new storyteller making it much more gruesome for those looking for a thrill; it is said that the headless woman is regularly seen close to the lookout point. There was some suspicion that she is the ghost of a farmer’s wife who settled with her husband in the area where the park is now located. The story goes that one night while her husband was downtown on business, an Indian tribe attempted to sneak up on the homestead and ransack it. The intruders grabbed the woman and beheaded her before promptly setting fire to the home. Whether you believe this is that very same woman is up to you, but regardless, there have been far too many accounts of park-goers seeing they had this woman for it to be simply legend. and finally, come in and every one the Pope licks monster the public monster is said to be a part-man part go. Pot sheep creature reported living beneath a railroad trestle bridge over Pope Lick Creek in the Fisherville neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. Now numerous urban legends exist about the creature and its origins. Some accounts claim that the creature uses hypnosis or voice mimicry to lure trespassers onto the trestle to kill them. However, other accounts claim that the creature jumps down from the trestle onto the roofs of cars passing beneath it, no matter the story. The creature is so insulting to those who see it that they are driven to leap off the trestle. Its origins vary, but some reports say the human goat hybrid was a circus freak who vowed revenge after being mistreated. In another version, the monster escaped from a train that was dead on the trestle. The last rumor is that the creature is the twisted reincarnated farmer who sacrificed goats for satanic powers. No matter how you spin it, this creature is horrifying and is said to be behind several deaths and accidents out the trestle since its initial construction despite the now looming 8-foot fence built to keep thrill-seekers out. Well, there we have it. Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any Kentucky urban legends that we missed? Leave over thoughts and feelings in the comments below, and perhaps you can do part two. Before I go, though, I want to respond to a few comments on one of our last videos’ top 5 scariest monsters created by Stephen King. Katzen said yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, even King excels at making nightmares from the simple things, and I love it thanks for a great list, Lucy. You are very welcome. Stephen King is one of my favorite writers of all time, and of course, my favorite horror writer I’m currently reading under the dome highly recommends. There are over a thousand pages just saying. can’t me ten she said Cujo versus Chucky my money is on Cujo all the way. Cami also said, where’s Pennywise? If you watch part one, cat me, he was an honorable mention in part one. It would just be way too easy to have penny-wise on the list. He’d beat it. He’d be everyone. Gracie, I said I love this channel so much, and I love the cast of the shots. Thank you. We love you too. I don’t know you, but I’d probably love you. i know that now. If you haven’t already, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe and turn on notifications, so you never miss another scary vid and until next time, see you later. [Music]

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