Top 5 Haunted Places in Estill County, Kentucky

Welcome to Estill County, Kentucky, where we have many creepy-looking houses like these and a few haunted locations. These are the top five haunted locations in Estill County. so first on our list is the Fitchburg furnace. Yeah, it’s another furnace because that’s what Estill County had. They had furnaces. The Fitchburg furnace is really, really big, and it’s a lot more impressive looking than the Cottage furnace, but oddly enough, even for its time, it was out of date old fashioned so I mean it gave people a lot of jobs, but it just wasn’t around very long. So one of the biggest stories that I’ve heard is like this man and this little girl who haunt the Fitchburg furnace and and and look like regular people you know until they disappeared. I’ve heard maybe you until they go, so this man has been seen walking around the furnace looking like a tourist and stuff, except when he turns around, he doesn’t have a face like it’s shadowy. There’s a little girl who plays around it all the time and um like she disappears nobody knows who she is she’s always wearing the same clothes there used to be the town of Fitchburg which was built up around the furnace I mean it had the stores and post-office and stuff and the only thing you would not know that if he drove down there now. Devils house, oh I just got it dun dun dun the devil’s house so when humans came out of the ground when he was little I took him to the devil’s house as you know as an after school turret because you know that’s what we do and with our family, we explore old crazy places. The devil’s house is reportedly the most haunted in Estill County. Lots of stories about it. For a time, it was the place where teenagers would go and hang out and dare each other to go in, like invisible hands pushing people down the stairs. Parts of the house are cold. In another part-2, the house is sweltering like on the same day. supposedly there were satanic rituals in there, and there are pentagrams and stuff on the walls. Ghostly figures are walking around in footsteps. You can hear people laughing. We’ve been to the devil’s house. Let me tell you it’s a nice house, a beautiful farmhouse. You know, out in the country, painting it red did not help its reputation. There is a room. There is a real story about the devil’s house – there was the house, and there was like a cabin across the road. There were two brothers, one lived, and once lived in the other, and they both died the same day from apparently drinking bad whiskey, so there it does have this sort of tragic history with it as far as the hauntings go and the paranormal activity we don’t know. When we went, Sam thought he saw a hand coming out of the window. I’m sorry for coming out of the ground. Riverview Place is a huge building on Main Street wherever you have the fourth one, and how it goes so we can edit this and make it in the right order, you know, so Riverview place is our next haunted location. How about that Riverview is? This was the tallest building in downtown urban it’s located on Main Street it’s been several different things for the longest time it was a hotel, but it was also a doctor’s office, and its last use was as an antique vendor small. Unfortunately, it is closed now, which breaks my heart because you have vendors lost because I love vendors mall, and I love the people who owned it. They still have a store a few doors down but are no longer in that location. So when it was a hotel, the former staff talked about seeing ghostly figures in the hallway. One woman said that she saw somebody dressed as a soldier hood and tossed a coin at her. here I’m coin other the man who lives there for a long time when it was a doctor’s office said that you know he would hear things at night walking around. The last owners had surveillance cameras up, and I saw this myself. An orb was caught darting around one of the rooms. I’m a person who listens to ghostly piano music. You know people are walking around upstairs when nobody is up there. Some people would come in to shop, and they wouldn’t go up to the top floor because they were so scared. cottage furnace was a furnace who knew it’s one of two furnaces in Estill County, and it is the one that gets the most paranormal activity. So I bet you’re wondering why is Cottage furnace is haunted. Carriages, no, there are no cabbages and cottage furnaces. It looks like a light and ruin, though kind of hard to get to now, probably hard to get to like when it was used. Lots of weird things happen there. The biggest story is about a slave whose name was Ned. Depending on who’s telling the story and not the story. His name is Ned and Ned had a mean owner. I know it’s terrible, but this is the story where Ned had a mean owner who escaped from him like he got this job working at the furnace. Then his owner found out he was there and took off after him, rather than going back to him. Ned threw himself into the chimney. Wow, like all that molten rocks and stuff, whatever. we call it any way he was burnt alive, so supposedly he still haunts it. There’s a nice bedtime story I did not see I did not see that coming, so he’s poor dead Ned, so that’s one of the ghosts that supposedly haunt the area and people I’ve talked about hearing the sounds of screaming hearing the sounds of crying even hearing like the furnace in action you know like rare enough to go if I have enough to go and sometimes it’s been reported that you can see smoke still coming up out of it and smell like a burning scent when you were around it. It’s open, sort of. I mean, you can go to it, but you can’t drive down to it anymore. You have to park at the gate and then a log, and it’s not so bad going down. It’s hard going up because it’s uphill. Target is closed now. It has been closed for a long time and was for sale for a long time, but that sign disappeared – an intense school set up on the hill. I like to say something done with it, but you know that’s a different story. therefore YouTube videos. so some of the former employees talked about how they would get there early when it was open. They would hear the sounds of kids running down the hallways that doors would slam by themselves that they’d hear people talking in classrooms and then go in there. The classrooms would be empty since the building has been empty; some people probably should not have been there but were then we’re not going to judge. we’re not judging you there’s nothing there’s my finger we’re not judging you were my finger so so people who have been in there since have talked about hearing the same thing footsteps running up and down the hall like children sometimes laughing children crying and seeing these ghostly figures start in and out of the classrooms. If you would like to learn more about the haunted locations in Estill County, please feel free to check out my book called on Estill County. I wonder how they came up with that name and the second book, called more tales from Han in Estill County. My website is thank you bye-bye. where’s my hand

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