This Out-And-Back Waterfall Hike In Kentucky Is Breathtakingly Beautiful All Year-Round

This Out-And-Back Waterfall Hike In Kentucky Is Breathtakingly Beautiful All Year-Round

Daniel Boone National Forest is a bonanza of routes and waterfalls; a paradise for Kentucky waterfall chasers house to a few of the state’s most amazing falls.

Among our preferred waterfall walkings in this area is the trek to Princess Falls. Located in McCreary County near Whitley City is a stretch of the Sheltowee Trace Trail that leads to these fanciful, aptly-named falls.

This popular route has to do with 3 miles of big salami, and the trail is charming every season. In addition, there is very little elevation modification on the trail, making this an exceptionally available waterfall hike in Kentucky that’s best for young hikers and beginners alike.

The path takes you along Lick Creek and likewise parallels the Cumberland River. It’s beautiful, with numerous little waterfalls and exciting rock developments.

Before too long, you’ll show up at the falls, which can be viewed from a few angles: behind, above, or at various sides. Naturally, the image modifications depend upon where you stand.

Hiking to Princess Falls is a dynamic experience in every sense of the word– anytime you check out or where you stand, you’ll enjoy brand-new vistas and surroundings.

In some cases, the falls are roaring and resplendent after a healthy summer season of rain, scampering the cliff in a fantastic display of immense power.

Check out throughout the winter season, and you’ll enjoy a superb, snow-covered scene that, if you’re fortunate, might even yield the falls frozen mid-stream, like magic.

Anytime you check out Princess Falls, you’re in for a treat. This is a marvelous treasure hiding in a scenic and vast natural forest, and it’s among our all-time favorite waterfall walkings in Kentucky.

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