This Northern Kentucky Bourbon Path Belongs On Your Bourbon Pail List

There’s no bourbon like Bluegrass bourbon, and this spirit is an inextricable and well-known part of Kentucky culture.

The Bluegrass State’s most renowned spirit takes center phase on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which features no less than 41 top-tier distilleries, located mainly in the central part of the state, between Bardstown and Louisville.

What’s a Northern Kentucky bourbon lover to do when looking to fill their glass a bit more detailed to the house? As well as sample a few of the finest vintages this region needs to provide.

Accessible: The B-Line, a self-guided bourbon trail in Northern Kentucky, includes five craft distilleries, eight bourbon bars, and six bourbon-centric dining establishments.

If you’re doing the math, that’s a total of 19 bourbon-forward locations, and they’re all situated in and in between Covington, Newport, Independence, Sparta, Augusta, and Maysville.

The Northern Kentucky bourbon trail destinations are just as acclaimed as their Central KY counterparts. Restriction Bourbon Bar, for instance, is hailed as the “World’s Largest Bourbon Bar,” and it has more than 1,500 varieties (that’s over 6,000 bottles) of bourbon … and counting.

One can not live on bourbon alone, and some excellent stops on The B-Line also provide remarkable Kentucky cooking.

Libby’s Southern Comfort is one of them; this bourbon bar dished up a few of the best-fried chicken in the state, which, if you understand anything about Kentucky’s proud fried chicken culture, is saying something.

Whether searching for a tasting or a flight, a new Happy Hour location, or a delicious night out in Kentucky, The B-Line is a Bluegrass experience that belongs on your bucket list!

There are numerous methods to experience the various distilleries and Bourbon Trail stops throughout Louisville. However, the tours offered by Bourbon City Cruisers might be the most distinct. With multiple tour choices, there’s an experience for everybody trying to find an enjoyable way to see the city.

And you’ll do it aboard a tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled, eco-friendly, zero-emission lorry that reaches a speed of approximately 25 miles per hour. It’s the ideal method to receive from location to place while delighting in the sights around you.

The different trip choices with Bourbon City Cruisers take you to numerous places in Louisville, and there are choices to see both stops on the Bourbon Trail and the Urban Bourbon Trail. Some trips are more surroundings based, while the Cocktail Tour offers you time to taste test at a designated place.

You can read everything about these tours on the website connected listed below. The business likewise uses personal charters for unique occasions if you’ve tried to find a distinct way to commemorate them.

The tuk fits as many as six people, so if you pick a public tour, you’ll be positioned in a small group. Bourbon tours are for visitors ages 21 and up, but they likewise offer a sightseeing trip, and children ages eight and up are welcome.

Now you understand if you live in Louisville and have been curious about these little green automobiles! They are what Bourbon City Cruisers call “transportainment” If you’re a bourbon fan, keep this in mind as a distinct way to see historical and delicious sights in the city.

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