Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky

Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky
Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky

When it comes to Kentucky, most people have the perception that all the residents of this state do sit on the back porch with no shoes and teeth. That’s not true and believe it or not, Kentucky has some pretty fantastic festivities and activities to get involved with! Kentucky is like any other state; it is good and bad in all. When we can discover the fun, that makes the journey all worthwhile! Introducing the amazing city of Louisville, Kentucky; where creative fun takes root! Today, we are going to be taking a quick look at some of the most fun and exciting things to do in Kentucky!

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

This is a fantastic place to discover in the Louisville area! The Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is a national landmark, which makes a list on the National Register of Historic Places! Nice, right? The Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is a Preservation Project of the Garden Conservancy. That means that this botanical garden has a ton of unique plants, gardens, as well hiking trails. The cost isn’t much to tour the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens either. Admission is only a straight $7.00. This would be a perfect setting for wedding pictures and graduates.

21C Museum

This is a fantastic place to come and visit if you’re into beautiful art featured from around the world! This particular museum is dedicated to collecting, as well exhibiting the very best work of various living artists. The 21C Museum has over 9,000 square feet of exhibition space and even a dedicated video lounge. The 21C Museum also features dynamic group and solo exhibitions. Permanent commissioned installations are also a feature of this museum. This is a very prestigious and creative art museum to visit. The 21C Museum is open twenty-four hours, seven days out of the week.

Angel’s Envy Distillery

This type of distillery isn’t the ordinary kind of distillery. At Angel’s Envy Distillery, you will experience what two hundred years of bourbon tradition is. This type of distillery is a complete return to the arts of craft-first. Each drink has been a hand blended batch, ranging in eight to twelve barrels at one time! Each barrel will undergo a personal testing throughout each step of the aging process. To make sure that each barrel is created with a spirited perfection! At this distillery, for the added layer of flavor and complexity, their bourbon and special cask strength will be finished in ruby port casks. Another lovely feature is that the rye is even finished in rum barrels.

Actors Theatre of Louisville

This theatre is quite the creative place to come and get entertained! The Actors Theatre of Louisville welcomes comedies, dramas, and musicals too! There are, of course, the annual favorites including Dracula, A Christmas Carol, and the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Keep in mind that there are discounted rates for groups, which is always a huge plus! Banquet spaces will always be available for a person’s entertainment needs. This is a fantastic theatre to come to for all your creative outlets to be fulfilled!

Louisville Mega Cavern

Are you one to relish in underground activities? If so, then the Louisville Mega Cavern would be the perfect place for you to go check out! At the Mega Cavern, a person can continue vast underground adventures! The Louisville Mega Cavern will allow people to explore history, geology, and mining. The building technology of Louisville will also be taught during this cavern experience! This place is also home to the world’s only underground zip line course! You can take what people call a MegaZip, zip lining into portions of the never before seen cavern! You can even explore the cave on a challenging roped walkway on the MegaQuest tour.

Kentucky Derby Museum

This type of museum celebrates, engages, and educates visitors about the experience of the Kentucky Derby! In fact, one of the main attractions around the Louisville area is the Kentucky Derby Museum! This museum will showcase the history, hospitality, and a tradition of the world-renowned event for Kentucky! The Kentucky Derby Museum features an array of beautiful, world-class exhibits. Some of those exhibits include the Guinness World Record’s Largest Horseshoe and The World’s Greatest Race! Admission will include a historic walking tour of Churchill Downs Racetrack. The Greatest Race Exhibition will also be included in admission.

Kentucky Science Center

This is the largest hands-on Science museum in the state of Kentucky and was founded in the year 1871. This is an excellent place to take your kids for great, educational fun! This creative building is made up of two adjacent buildings. This amazing center features a four-story digital theater, a Science Education Wing with a hands-on workshop lab. The Kentucky Science Center also features three outstanding floors of interactive exhibits. This type of center isn’t a basic Science walkthrough, but a center that features a lot of hands-on activities for the kids. Educating children in a fun way is one of the primary goals of the Kentucky Science Center.

Belle of Louisville

The Belle of Louisville is a steamboat which is owned and operated by the actual city of Louisville, Kentucky! The Belle of Louisville offers a lovely, two-hour cruise on the Kentucky River! This is a perfect get-away for people who need to take a breather from the busy life of that city hustle. The Belle of Louisville offers day and night cruising. Night cruising is quite familiar with a lot of people because of how beautiful the city looks at night! There are also stargazing, historical, and musical cruises to enjoy as well! Don’t forget that all meals will be served throughout the day while on each different cruise! This attraction is one of the top attractions around Louisville, Kentucky! On the Belle of Louisville, there are specific individual events to get involved with. Some of those events include birthday brunches, Oktoberfest and so much more!

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