These 10 Abandoned Places in Kentucky Will Leave You Disturbed And In Awe

1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

We’ve covered this place in the past, but it’s such a world-known deserted haunted establishment that it makes it to the top of our list again. Located in Louisville, KY, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a historic former medical facility in Louisville that came close to being demolished.

2. Old Taylor Distillery

Once sat rotting until just recently, it was revitalized and reinvented as Castle & Key Distillery, the Old Taylor Distillery. The story starts in the late 1800s, when Col. E.H. Taylor, a Bluegrass bourbon aficionado, developed his distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. Inspired by European architecture, Col. Taylor was a trailblazer in scotch tourism, constructing his bourbon kingdom complete with a castle-like distillery, classical springhouse, and sunken garden. The distillery flourished, not simply ending up being a location of extraordinary bourbon production (it was the first distillery to reach one million U.S. Government certified cases of straight bourbon whiskey) but also an epicenter of Bluegrass bourbon tourists. But, unfortunately, all great things need to come to an end. The Old Taylor Distillery altered hands a couple of times as soon as Taylor died, ultimately falling into disrepair.

In 2014, during the start of the bourbon boom in Kentucky, a group of spirited financiers bought the run-down distillery to bring it back to life. In 2018, this gorgeous bourbon distillery reopened– more comprehensive and much better than ever!

3. Ouerbacker House

On the corner of 17th Street and Jefferson Street in Louisville, KY, this historic home was constructed in the 1860s and felt the reaps of being weathered.

4. Red Bridge

On Devil’s Hollow Road near Frankfort, Kentucky, this incomplete structure will provide you with the creeps and is something you don’t ever wish to attempt and cross.

5. Quinn Chapel Church

This old Gothic Revival Kentucky church sits empty today, decaying near 2 of the city’s busiest streets.

6. Haywood Hospital

This deserted health center in Kentucky was built in 1915 and has since been deserted because 1983.

7. Abandoned Dawahares Store

This store (and town) has seen much better days however is a significant land marker for the town. They are situated in Neon, KY, a teeny-tiny town in the state.

8. William Tarr House

This real-life haunted home in Kentucky is a professional photographer’s dream for great shots catching its remains.

9. Fort Knox Tank Graveyard

This military base has to get rid of its gear at some time. So when the base opens the limited areas for several hours for civilians to view the cemetery, you can witness some of these historical devices every Memorial Day. Find the deserted graveyard in Fort Knox, KY.

10. Old Bullitt County Jail

This sandstone structure was the old Bullitt County jail constructed in 1891. It’s now nested behind another county structure. This old prison is situated in Shepherdsville, KY.


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