There’s A Cave Right Next To An Adventure Park In Kentucky, Making For A Fun-Filled Family Outing

The world’s most comprehensive underground cave system is in Kentucky, and Mammoth Cave is a must-visit for all Kentuckians, young and old.

Mammoth Cave is a national treasure, acknowledged by its classification as a National Park, and it’s also the most extended, biologically diverse cavern system in the world. Each year, two million people venture to central Kentucky to witness this fantastic underworld, and the very best part is that Mammoth Cave is an available experience for families.

Myriad tour choices are available at Mammoth Cave, from the kids-only Trog Tour (visualized) to the Domes & Dripstones Tour, the latter of which is perfect for older families.

And what’s a Kentucky household to do after exploring this superlative superstar? Yogi Bear has the answer!

Positioned simply minutes from Mammoth Cave is Yogi Bear’s, Jellystone Park. The Disney World of Kentucky camping site, Jellystone Mammoth Cave, is the ultimate household trip.

This location is a location in and of itself and makes a fantastic “home base” for your Mammoth Cave adventures. A swimming pool and inflatable experience park keep kids hectic throughout the summer, as does the epic bounce pad and go-karts!

And since this is Cave City, there is a kid-friendly Mining Sluice where Kentucky’s youngest explorers can mine for valuable gems and treasures.

What will you find when you visit Cave City, Kentucky?

Your family-friendly experience awaits!

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