THE WORLD’S MOST HAUNTED PLACE! | Waverly Hills Sanatorium Paranormal Tour

Back in the 1800s, a man owned the ground war Waverly Hills. he had an only daughter, and she was educated, and she decided that she would like to have her school once she got a little older. So her father came up to this hill where the building steps right now and built a small one-room schoolhouse and let her teach school to local children. and she decided that she would name the building Waverly, which was for her favorite author, and from there, that’s how Waverly hills first got his name of Waverly. around 1910, when tuberculosis started, you know, taking its grip on the area, they built a hospital on the land that Colonel Hayes had owned. Within a couple of years, they outgrew that they had to add on additions. You know they originally had 40 or 50 patients there. Still, tuberculosis just kept you now becoming more and more prevalent. so in 1926, they built the state-of-the-art Hospital, one of the features of which was to take advantage of these cooling breezes, and you know they didn’t know much about tuberculosis back then. They thought all you could do was keep a person rested and well-nourished and give them lots of fresh air, and that’s what we’re cure the disease. Waverly was one of the first of our closest hospitals in the southeastern part of the United States; it was finished in 1926 in the current building. It treated tuberculosis patients up to the early 1960s women’s cure. Penicillin was developed at a point after that it became a geriatric hospital for several years. That Hospital for the elderly was closed down in the early 80s, and ever since then, it’s been pretty much vacant as a working facility of any kind. The best I can do is measure the building. We have a hundred and eight thousand square feet. It would house 500 patients, and when it was built, which was 1926 when it was completed, this was considered a state-of-the-art building. There was always one main doctor, and there were usually six other doctors under a helmet then. From there, it would vary, you know, maybe go up or down, and then the nursing staff had a separate building behind the main Hospital. It was just a house of nurses. I understood that anywhere from 60 to 75 nurses at a time lived in that structure. Waverly’s paranormal legends have gone back for years and years. People believe that over sixty thousand people died there at one time, and reports of hauntings and strange unexplained activities have gone on there for years and years. I’ve investigated a few areas that have been reportedly haunted in the Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana area, and Waverly is by far the most active place I’ve ever been. There are several locations in Louisville, but I think the Holy Grail of hauntings is probably Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They say that’s the most haunted place in the United States if not you know on earth. Most people save 63 to 65 thousand people who died there. When you look at the records, the experts say there’s no way that many people could have died. You know they said most likely it was 8,000 or 7,000 people, but still, he’s thinking about 7,000 people dying in one location over 20-30 years. That’s quite a lot. There’s been a large debate on how many people died up here, so we started a memorial site where we tried to get people and families. It had any death records we could prove; the people up here died up here, we’re up to about 11,000 that we can prove. we assume that there’s a lot more than that. Well, Waverly’s always been known to be on it, and you know no one’s going to believe anything till they see it from the selves I wouldn’t either, but I have seen things up here for myself. It can scare you. I don’t care who you are. You’re not ready for it. I’ve run out of this building more times than I could count, and I will try again. I’m sure it’s not blessed up, but many stories go along with the building, and you know a lot of them. We don’t know what’s true, what’s not. There are some stories that we have found out that are true. One of the famous stories is about Timmy, one of the younger patients you know. They had a little wing and a rooftop balcony built for the children. You go there, and there’s still a swing set up, and they leave balls throughout the building. Supposedly they move these balls a lot of times. It’s supposed to be children playing with the balls and Timmy. I don’t know that they have any proof of it. Still, he was supposedly up to, you know, a patient who died there, and his ghost lingers on trying to recapture the childhood he never had. Ralph is supposedly a maintenance man that used to work Waverly’s bills. People seem to hear James, not in the typical ghostly sense but more like sounds of keys and so forth walking down hallways. The owners contribute that to a man named Ralph, who used to work at Waverly years ago. He was the maintenance and caretaker. 5:02 is where the nurse’s station was, and one of the nurses hung herself up there. Supposedly she was pregnant and would have to raise a child by herself, and patients found her body there and supposedly, room 502 is the most active in Waverly Hills. people have seen the apparition of what looks to be a nurse in a uniform hanging from the ceiling. Other people have seen your typical stereotypical nurse walking the corridor outside that room. They’ve seen nurses and other parts of the building as well, but they all attribute it to this nurse who supposedly hung herself up there. As it stands today, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is much more than just the paranormal background that they may have heard about; it’s full of history, it’s a legitimate historical landmark in this town. Mattingly’s recently purchased it. They’re the ones you know to get the credit for saving the building. They know to conduct tours around Halloween, but then they do historical tours. Still, you know they stabilize the building. They put in new windows. They’re currently working with a local architect, and the plan is to turn it into a B&B or something like that. I know exactly what I want Waverly to be in the future. The first floor is going to stay kind of like it used to be kind of administrative where you know you could use it for different office type venues whether they’re gift stores or whatever we would have the second, third and fourth floor as a bed-and-breakfast and then on the fifth floor that would be the restaurant. and a rooftop restaurant. You know that’s its beautiful view up there. You don’t look out over the Ohio River. You can look across the river and see Caesars, and it’s just a great view with a nice breeze, and it’s just perfect.

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