The Haunted York House in Pikeville Kentucky- Crossroads Haunted History

Oh, baby, don’t say right, Mama’s going to buy our king hi everyone it’s haunted Heather again today I want to talk about the York house and Pikeville, Kentucky. It’s also known as the Creekmore mansion, and it’s exciting. The Hatfield McCoy was a famous feuding family in Pikeville and Mingo County, but less known were details about their lawyer or, more so, his house John Dills. Randolph McCoy, Sarah McCoy, Roseanna McCoy, and many more are laid to rest in the dill Cemetery in Pikeville. It’s open to the public so you can visit it. John Dill’s had five children, one of these children was Augusta. When Augusta was 25, she met and married a wealthy lawyer named James York. As a wedding gift, John Dill’s gifted her the York house built in the early 1800s. To this day, if you go to 2 to 3 Main Street in Pikeville, you can see the original stained glass piano exactly where it was more than over a century ago. But one thing was different, something was missing, and that was the tower. Now the tower was strangely removed in the mid-1900s. No one knows why but their speculation you want to sit in the chair of your jokes hate it with tech york had a laugh ammeter is a place writing music that was still to her about her mother against the tie every when she got when they got time to find a suitable husband she that her love for music is performing on the back burner. Perhaps it has to do with the blood-curdling screams of a child coming from the tower widow’s name. She was the daughter of Tom Creekmore in that Ruth York, according to local folklore, she would wail and whale and wail for no real reason than anyone knew of anyone. It was rumored that she had suffered a high fever and had permanent brain damage. But it’s also speculated that she could have just been born disabled, which was looked on differently from now. People were scared and didn’t understand things like that a lot of times. They avoided people or children ever like that, which could have led to this rumor in the first place. But back to Geraldine, whatever the cause, the result was the same: she would scream and scream blood-curdling screams that would disturb her neighbors and make them scared to go by the house. According to reports, any time you would go by the house and Geraldine would see you walk by, she would stand in the window screaming at the top of her lungs, so people avoided going by your cop. To this day, people still claim to see Geraldine and a little white knight gallon. Flowing around the house, sometimes staring outside the window, making you feel weird, Pikeville college students have reported seeing the lights flickering on and off and strange happenings going on in your house. So if you go to the horn or cows looking for paranormal activity, moreso looking for Geraldine, be careful because you may find her, and you may regret it. Now I did go to the York house, and I did capture a couple of creepy pictures. Please tell me what you think [Applause] I have to admit, though when I was at the York house, I did feel something weird from the upper level of the house I see it, which is where I caught that weird light that seemed to go from this side over to this site and leave above the house. And I’m not one of those people that thinks, Oh, everything’s in order of everything’s paranormal. I know how photography works and lens flares and ghosting and things like that, but this didn’t seem to fall into that category, and the feeling I got was pretty accurate, which I don’t get very often either. I’m pretty Skippy; I’m pretty logical; I’m pretty skeptical; I call myself a hopeful skeptic, but it was fun being there. It was a good buy, but there wasn’t anything wrong that I could feel anyway. Every time I check on the York house, it seems to be up for sale again and seems to either bounce from owner to owner. I think Pikeville had control of it for a while and tried to do stuff with it. It was made into an N. It was made into a museum. For some reason, people can’t seem to have success with it. I don’t understand why I think it’s a fascinating place, but you know that’s just me. If you ever come to Pikeville, it’s full of fascinating things you can see them with Boyd graves you can see all kinds of Hatfield and McCoy feud sites you can see the York house now what I find interesting is when Pike County Tourism took over the York house they found a tower behind the house in a shed. So hopefully, the tower will be put back up soon, and Geraldine can have her happy place back. Sometimes stories do have a happy ending. I and muffin want to thank you for watching today. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel Han and Heather? and find us on Facebook at bloody Mingo web society. say Thank You, muffin.

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  1. Barbara York Lessard

    You have this history completely wrong, maybe you should have spoke to descendants of the people you speak of before you write about things you do not know. Your haunted house tale is a made up fantasy that you put your own spin on

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