The (Haunted?) Indian Burial Grounds of Petersburg, KY

While they were digging for the basement, a gruesome discovery was made of the burial remains of the long dead. Hi, I’m Liza Vance, and I work at the Boone County Public Library in the local history and genealogy department. Today we are here in Petersburg, a small town with big stories. People are surprised to learn that an Indian village once stood where Petersburg is today, 600 years before Reverend John Tanner established his station. Early farmers are known as the fort. Ancient people lived and died in this area. For years people have uncovered remnants of the past civilization. For instance, in 2004, a brand-new house was built along Front Street overlooking the Ohio River. While digging for the basement, a gruesome discovery was made: burial remains of the long dead. Both have uncovered bones when digging wells, but the 2004 discovery was a little different. Up to 30 odd burials, the majority were adult males, many of whom were buried with necklaces, ornaments, and other unique items. It is believed that this cemetery was for important figures such as shamans, healers, hunters, warriors, and political leaders. So what does this mean for the current people of Petersburg? It is well documented that houses and properties disturbing Indian burial grounds have many hauntings and paranormal activities. Thanks to one prominent citizen Louis Lauder we have an idea of strange things that have occurred. The loader kept a diary of daily events from 1857 to 1903. We know many murders, suicides, bizarre accidents, and people simply dropping dead in the streets from this diary. Some residents have reported hearing drumming late at night, and others have seen Native American spirits standing in their homes. So how do all these ancient dead affect Petersburg archeologists all believe and agree that the cemetery did not end at the basement walls? As you walk the streets of Petersburg, you could be passing over the grave of a defeated warrior or mystic shaman. I hope you enjoyed this story about Native American spirits in Petersburg. Boone County history can be eerie, but that’s the way we like it.

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