What makes driving a BMW so sublime? Is it the beauty of every line and curve? Is it the way it hugs every corner? Is it the simple yet sophisticated luxury on the interior? It’s all of it, really. The history of BMW is wide and deep, with not all successes, but always learning and evolving. We’re not here today to talk about the past. In fact, we are here to talk about the future.

You can immediately see some of the changes that somehow remain committed to the heritage and history, but you can also see a commitment to innovation. Who wouldn’t want to sit behind the wheel of this beauty, or the other ones coming into showrooms in 2019? What can you expect? A new BMW X2, plus the all-new BMW 8 Series, BMW Z4, and the BMW X7 are all on the way.

While these tend to be subtle changes, bigger ones loom on the automotive horizon. BMW will work to keep up with the Teslas and Mercedes of the world. They will slide into the electric and hybrid as well as the self-driving and rideshare aspects of the automotive industry. The good news for the BMW consumer is they are committed to tying together both history and what the future holds. There will always be a reason for BMW owners to remain in the BMW cult and continue to experience the ultimate driving pleasure that only a BMW can provide.

The good news for the consummate BMW owner is that Auto Excel is dedicated to staying on top of the latest innovations and technology so that we will always be in a position to offer you the very best in BMW auto repair and service. We are constantly learning and training to remain cutting edge. We stand at the ready for whatever BMW brings next so that you can always count on us.

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