The Best Civil War site In The South Is Located At This Kentucky State Park

Would you think this beautiful, peaceful location in Kentucky was once the website of an incredibly substantial and gruesome Civil War battle? Well, it was.

On the early morning of October 8, 1862, canon fire rang out, stunting Perryville’s village into panic as one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles started. The battle was for control over the border state of Kentucky, and both sides suffered many casualties.

In one of the most ruthless and bloody battles of the Civil War, when it was all stated and done, more than 7,600 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing.

Today, this Kentucky state park tells of the fight that was the South’s last serious attempt to gain the belongings of Kentucky. This Kentucky battleground is one of the country’s most unchanged Civil War websites; what you see today is virtually the same as what those brave soldiers saw on that eventful day in 1862.

Its 19 miles of tracks wind through a few of the state’s most historical and beautiful sites. The total acreage of the battlefield is 1,200 acres, and there is a self-guided walking trip on the battleground with plaques outlining essential occasions.

An on-site museum improves the experience, with artifacts and war memorability including a tactile and more individual dimension to this Civil War site in Kentucky.

Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site is among the most beautiful– and often overlooked– state parks in Kentucky, which is an embarrassment since its historic significance can’t be overemphasized.

Come and experience this Kentucky State Park- a turning point in American history- for yourself.

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