The Abandoned Waverly Hills Insane Asylum In Kentucky Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

The Abandoned Waverly Hills Insane Asylum In Kentucky Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

Deep in the rolling blue hills of Kentucky Horse Country, there is a location that, initially glimpses, appears practically castle-like in its majesty.

However, up close … and inside? That’s another story entirely.

Since this location? It’s the abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium, one of the most haunted and haunting places in all of Kentucky– and America.

The mental hospital was developed in 1910 to treat the “white afflict” victims ravaging the country.

When it was developed, there was no known remedy for tuberculosis, and it was frequently fatal. As a result, doctors sometimes attempted “experimental” techniques to alleviate the signs. Unfortunately, these methods were, at best, misguided. And at worst? Harsh and inhumane.

Whether clients died from the disease itself or the “treatments,” something is specific: the sanatorium was the scene of many deaths over the years– as many as 8,000, according to historians.

What’s more, Waverly Hills acted as a geriatric hospital from the 1960s until the 1980s. As a result, numerous creepy stories about this place are based upon rumors that clients were maltreated and subjected to inhumane treatments such as electroshock therapy.

As an outcome of its tortured history, haunted tales and ghost stories abound about this now-abandoned asylum in Kentucky. In the years since Waverly Hills was closed for great, ghost hunters have reported slamming doors, unusual noises, disembodied footsteps, and even faint screams throughout the deserted structure.

If these walls could talk, what would they state? Well, you can learn.

Today, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is open for trips, permitting ghost hunters and adventure seekers the unique chance to walk its hallowed, haunted halls … with a knowledgable guide. The Waverly Hills Historical Society runs the structure. This place savors the history of this deserted sanatorium, which is not only believed to be among the most haunted locations in Kentucky but likewise the entire world.

When it was constructed, there was no recognized cure for tuberculosis, and the disease was typically fatal. As a result, doctors sometimes tried “experimental” methods to reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, these methods were, at best, misdirected.


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