Summer Essentials to Pack in Your Car

At Auto Excel Lexington, we prefer to be prepared for anything. That’s why we have a wide variety of state of the art equipment to tackle any car issue we face. So, in the spirit of summertime adventure, we put together a list of items we find particularly handy to have in our cars during the summer; so that you too can be prepared for anything that comes at you!

  1. Sunscreen. Get a bottle or spray can just for the car so that you have it wherever you go. Many often find that the first sunburns of the season don’t come from a big trip out to the lake, but during mundane occasions where they underestimated the heat. Having some sunscreen on hand will save your skin some trouble, and save you some money on aloe vera!
  2. Hand sanitizer. Chances are, you’ll be out and about more now that the summer is here. If you have kids, this is even more important. Kids may not be able to wash their hands at the park or the beach before that picnic lunch, but hand sanitizer is a nice compromise.
  3. Sunglasses. Visibility is so, so important for drivers in any season. Plus, they make you look cool!
  4. Safety bag. We recommend packing things like bandages, antiseptic, Neosporin, a couple aspirin, all the usual suspects. For outings like camping or going to the beach, it’s not a bad idea to add anti-itch cream or aloe vera to this too. No one ever plans on getting into poison ivy or getting burnt, but it’s better to have it with you than to up end an entire trip.
  5. Wipes and paper towels. Just a nice way to keep things tidy and wipe up all those melty summer treats. Popsicles, ice cream, and other things that could decide to melt right into the upholstery or stick to the dash are more of a threat during the summer, so a few wipes can go a long way.
  6. Bug repellant. A must-have for summer. As far as we’re concerned, the fewer things you get bit by, the better.
    Reusable water bottle. Wherever you’re going, bringing water is a smart choice. One of the best ways to stave off the summer heat is staying hydrated.
  7. Window shade. These are a cheap, easy answer to an overheating car. Those black leather seats in your car may be awesome for most of the year, but they’ll sear your legs if they overheat too much. A window shade will prevent or at least slow it down, so your car is a few degrees cooler than it would have been without.
  8. Blanket and/or towels. Picnics and beach trips are the obvious reasons for these, but they are helpful in other ways too. For example, folding a towel on a hot seat can keep you from burning, or insulating cold groceries with a towel to keep them colder on the way.
  9. Flip flops/sandals. Of course, these are great to have on and for beach and pool trips. They’re also smart to have on hand if you’re getting a pedicure (if that’s something you like to do) or to simply have as an alternate if you step in something unfortunate with your regular shoes. Either way, a spare pair of spats sandal, flip flop, or otherwise, is a good thing to have in the car for the summer time.

Those are our tips on what items to keep in the car during the summer! Packing the essentials is a great way to be prepared for whatever may come up down the road. Another way to make sure your next trip goes smoothly is to stop in and see us at Auto Excel Lexington for a checkup on your vehicle. Get your oil change, A/C fixed, tire pressure pumped… all the things to ensure your car is safe and efficient.

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Have fun this summer, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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