Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Car!

When it comes to spring cleaning, some of us like it more than others. It’s easy to forget that your car needs some good loving too, but trust us, both of you will be glad you took the time. Nothing is better than slipping in behind the wheel of a fresh-smelling car, not to mention how good you’ll feel driving down the streets of Lexington turning heads because of how beautiful your car looks. A little bit of deep cleaning goes a long way in extending the interior and paint job of your car. And it helps a little bit with our sanity too!

You can pay to have your car detailed inside and out, and there’s plenty of choices in and around Lexington to get that done. You can also tap into some easy DIY hacks to get your car as close as possible back to its new car smell and shine:

  • White vinegar and water combined in equal parts make for a great tire cleaner. Spray on, rub off, repeat until you the sheen just right.
  • Baking soda and vinegar mixed together into a paste: apply to upholstery (not leather), let dry then brush off and vacuum. It gets into some of the much-needed deep cleaning needs as well as eliminating some of the funky smells your car develops over time.
  • A little bit of olive oil or coconut oil on the steering wheel, the dash, and console to not only clean but to leave shiny and it helps keep those areas from cracking. Just make sure to thoroughly wipe it into the surface, removing any excess oil to keep your hands from slipping off the steering wheel. Having a shiny new-looking car won’t do you much good if you’re in a ditch.
  • Paint brushes do wonders to get into the cracks and crevices. Use it on the vents to remove the dust that’s accumulated just out of reach.
  • Squeegee away the pet hair. Use a spray bottle with just water in to dampen your car’s interior and then use the squeegee to pick up all the hair. You’ll be amazed at how well that works!
  • Toothpaste works great on your headlights. You can use a toothbrush to get into the cracks and a rag for the rest. Teeth that shine, headlights that shine.
  • Used dryer sheets help remove the bugs from your grill and hood. Who knew?
  • Conditioner with lanolin is a great way to get your paint job that extra shine after the initial washing.

There are a million do-it-yourself tricks to keep you from having to fork over the big bucks when it comes to detailing your car. The team at Auto Excel hopes this has gotten you off to a great start!

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