Safety Tips for Carpooling

If you enjoy carpooling with friends, co-workers, and family members, Auto Excel in Lexington, KY has some safety tips we encourage you to consider.

Buckle Up.

Not only is it smart to strap into your seat belt to prevent injury, it’s the law! Be sure that every passenger has a seat belt before beginning your carpool journey. You never want to be in a situation where that extra passenger without a seat belt gets into grave physical danger in the event of an accident. Seriously, buckle up.

Reduce Distractions.

Now that you have carpool passengers, enlist their help with navigation and communication so you can remain focused on the road ahead of you. Reduce distractions by having them handle your text messages, searching for directions, talking on the phone, or opening up your bottled water for you. After all, that’s what a co-pilot is for.

Have A Plan.

In the event of an emergency, you want everyone carpooling with you to agree to a plan. Show them where your emergency / first aid kit is located. Point out where the vehicle registration and insurance papers are located. Have everyone share their emergency contact information on your cell phones in case someone needs to be called when you’re unable to talk.

Appoint Jobs.

To make carpooling fun, everyone should have a “trip job”. For example, the person with the best music should be in charge of the road trip playlist. The best navigator should be the one calling out directions. The social butterfly should be the person who texts your other buddies if you’re going to be late. The person who sleeps the most should be the first person to relieve the tired person sitting in the driver’s seat. If everyone has a job, they’ll each be able to contribute something special to the journey.

Discuss Valuables.

If your carpool passengers are carrying purses, wallets, phones, mobile devices, cameras, electronics, or other items that could tempt a thief, you need to come up with a plan. Your carpool experience will be tarnished if someone foolishly leaves a valuable item in plain sight when you park the vehicle and a break-in occurs. Discuss your valuable items with each other and decide what needs to be stowed away out of sight, or needs to be carried with them when they exit the vehicle. Also, be wise and stow away those valuables before lurking thieves can watch you put them away in the trunk. You’ll be glad you did.

Practice safe behavior.

If every carpool passenger behaves in a safe manner during the road trip, you will greatly reduce your risk of an accident. Avoid hazards by practicing safe behavior. If you take good care of each other and your vehicle, carpooling is a fun and safe way to travel.

Schedule regular auto maintenance.

Regular auto repair and maintenance is incredibly important. No one in your carpool group wants to be late for their meetings and events, so be sure to bring your vehicle into Auto Excel in Lexington, KY for service. We will help reduce the risk of engine failure or a breakdown that could lead to expensive repair later on.

Luckily, it’s easy to book an appointment online or in person with Auto Excel in Lexington. Got questions? Call us at (859) 608-9279. We’ll be glad to help you and your carpool passengers ride safely.

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