9 Local Restaurants in Downtown Lexington That You Need To Try

When it comes to restaurants in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, the enthusiasm truly lives with each meal; for that alone is quite the experience. What are some of the finest and most exciting restaurants to dine in when it comes to downtown?

As broad of a question is that is, the answer can absolutely vary depending on who you are asking. Below in listing format, we are going to be going over some of the most exciting, interesting, artistic, and lovely restaurants when it comes to traveling downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

Broomwagon Bikes + Coffee


  • Amazing place to get your bike repaired, or even purchased a bike
  • Has amazing foods and services
  • Outstanding and creatively prepared salads
  • Serving breakfast, lunch, and even dinner
  • Broomwagon Bikes + Coffee even has the options to eat a small pastry with a nice cup of coffee
  • Services at Broomwagon are out of this world; very approachable staff
  • Set right in the heart of downtown Lexington, Kentucky
  • Has the option of local beers on tap
  • Broomwagon Bikes + Coffee also has an astonishing weekly smoked meant special running every week
  • Wraps and sandwiches are also available here at Broomwagon Bikes + Coffee


The Blue Heron Steakhouse


  • Serving all of your favorite and most classic steaks
  • Was originally a handcrafted cocktail bar until turned into this steakhouse
  • Located right on Jefferson Street, where thrill and creative mannerism shines brighter than the sky
  • Steaks are made with a timely manner and never overcooked unless called for
  • An amazing two-sided wood burning stove will unquestionably cozy up the inside of this renovated historic home
  • Has the option to sit outside on the wooded patio
  • Service is amazing and the staff has been noted for being one of the nicest groups around downtown
  • Has options to indulge in true Southern style and classic steaks at quite the reasonable pricing


Buddha Lounge


  • This is a remarkable Sushi and Tapas bar
  • Has been created to give you that at home, relaxing, yet imaginative feel when you first walk in
  • Working staff serves quickly and holds an amazing reputation for serving with respect and care
  • Buddha Lounge has been fashioned with uncovered brick walls, as well a thirty-foot walnut bar
  • This lounge has natural wood seating and even a cool semi open kitchen, where you can sit and watch your food being prepared.
  • Buddha Lounge has been noted as being one of the most exhilarating places to go and dine when it comes to downtown, Lexington




  • Amazing place to come and eat if you’re into hot and spicy foods
  • Caldo serves hot broth, carrying a most great and prestigious nutritional benefit(s)
  • A lot of Caldo’s foods are infused with anti-inflammatory properties, as well digestion aids
  • Amazing health food restaurant
  • Caldo teaches their customers how important well to do food, as well health really is Located near Rupp Arena, as well The University of Kentucky
  • Has astounding staff, ready to serve, teach and accompany you with some of the best health meals around downtown Lexington
  • Caldo’s vegetables are always slow-cooked
  • This restaurant has an interesting philosophy and it states: “Food is the fuel for optimal health”

Willie’s Locally Known

  • Amazing place to come and listen to live music
  • Willie’s Locally Owned holds the reputation for having some of the best locally owned wings within the downtown area
  • This restaurant is perfect for home-style foods, as well food Southern Fried Oysters
  • Willie’s Locally Owned has the reputation for always bringing that southern feel to all of their dishes, whether it be Oysters or their friend green tomatoes
  • The drinks here at Willie’s Locally Owned are absolutely out of this world! Everything from beers on tap, bourbon, all the way to classic country cocktails


    • This restaurant just opened, so it’s fresh and new upon the market
    • Known for its prohibition-style cocktails, as well having that rustic and elegant decorating mannerism and when you first walk in, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into the 1920’s and 30’s
    • Carson’s respects and values foods straight out of the Bluegrass state itself (Kentucky)
    • You will be able to find a lot of that home-style cooking at Carson’s; reminding you a lot of what your mother and grandmother used to cook
    • Has a street-facing patio for gorgeous downtown sightings
    • As a bonus on Sunday’s, Caron’s has what they call, Brunch & Bubbles; often featuring live Jazz music


    • This restaurant specializes in everything fish
    • They have 100% pure shellfish, which has been purchased from the state of Maine
    • Keep in mind that at Clawdaddy’s, all of their rolls have been designed within the “Down East” Maine fashion
    • Clawdaddy’s has been noted as being wicked good, with some of the best fish dishes around downtown
    • Staff holds the reputation for being extremely welcoming and very helpful when it comes to customers asking questions about Clawdaddy’s various fascinating dishes
    • Clawdaddy’s makes their rolls with absolutely no fillers of any kind
    • Keep in mind that you’ll be able to select from a favorable gourmet of the Main lobster roll, crab roll, shrimp roll, or even a sampler platter of each


    • This restaurant is perfect if you’re one to love a great, uptown Spanish-style meal
    • Enoteca has been noted as serving high-class, fine wines over their prestigious Spanish meals
    • This restaurant holds the reputation for hosting enormously fine wines
    • Located near West Main Street, near Rupp Arena
    • Enoteca also has astonishing craft beers, amazing cheeses, stuffed mushrooms, and so much more to fancy the stomach to a true degree of sophistication
    • Enoteca has quite the remarkable staff; always willing to serve you to the maximum level of luxury and cheerfulness
    • An amazing feature of Enoteca is that this restaurant’s extensive wine list is actually organized by Lexington’s ONLY certified Sommelier


    • The Lockbox is located within 21c Museum Hotel, which gives this restaurant all the better and more creative experience
    • This type of restaurant holds the reputation for cooking with mama’s good hand and heart
    • Very home-style Southern type of cooking goes on here at the Lockbox
    • The Lockbox even has private dinning
    • The actual restaurant itself is setup to have a very classical, yet graceful feel to it, making a person’s dining experience all the finest
    • The Lockbox is led by executive chef, Jonathan Searle
    • Thoughtful and very simple dishes with that extra hint of Southern Bluegrass state (Kentucky) cooking

Tony’s of Lexington

    • Located right in the middle of the shopping center; “The Square” (The heart of downtown Lexington)
    • Tony’s of Lexington holds the significant reputation for bringing state of the art generosity, as well quite the crafty dishes
    • This restaurant is known for their aged, hand-cut USDA prime steaks; very well-seasoned
    • Tony’s of Lexington also offers a decent amount of seafood dishes
    • One of the most popular dishes here at Tony’s of Lexington is the bourbon whipped sweet potato; very popular with the locals

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