Planning a Memorable and Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip

Planning a Memorable and Budget-Friendly Weekend TripGoing on a weekend trip is a beautiful way to reset. But how do you get to enjoy your time away when you’re on a tight budget? We’ve compiled the following list of ideas to help you plan a fun and memorable getaway that won’t cost you a fortune: 

Plan Ahead

When you’re ready to spend a weekend away from home, don’t wait until the last minute to plan your little getaway. Booking flights and hotels in advance usually allows you to get better deals. Online travel agencies and booking sites will let you compare prices, and if you’re flexible on your vacation dates, you can save even more on airfare and your travel accommodations. Off-season traveling also allows you to enjoy everything a location offers without contending with crowds of tourists and waiting in long lines to visit popular attractions, wasting precious time on an already too short weekend away from home. Before your trip, spend some time reading online reviews and blogs from fellow travelers to get a feel for where you’re headed and skip the attractions and activities that don’t seem like your cup of tea.

Look for Affordable Destinations

State and national parks are affordable destinations for nature lovers and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Rock climbing and hiking are popular activities in places like Kentucky’s Red River Gorge State Park. And if you’re into biking, kayaking, or canoeing, a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park is in order! When it comes to lodging, camping is the most economical option. But you can also find cute bed and breakfasts that won’t break the bank, or if you’re going as a group, you can rent a house, condo, or apartment via online apps and websites where homeowners offer their properties as short-time rentals to vacationers. You’ll be saving money by eating in instead of dining out, and you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home while you’re away.

Pack Wisely

Traveling off-season is excellent when you’re on a budget, but if you decide on a location where winters can be unpredictable in terms of weather and temperatures, such as in Lexington and the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, make sure to pack a base layer in your suitcase, and don’t forget all your winter essentials like gloves, scarves, and hats. In summer, don’t neglect packing up sunscreen and bug repellent. In addition, a reusable water bottle for everyone going on the trip will make it cheaper to stay hydrated while you’re on the go. And if you decide on a camping trip, packing a camp stove and a few cooking essentials will help you save money on meals. 

Skip the Tourist Traps

Many destinations offer free or cheap activities that you and your family will enjoy, like Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, which boasts 3,000 acres of history exhibits, craft demonstrations, and hiking trails. While you’re out exploring during your weekend getaway, take photos that you can then edit and post on your social media channels. You can resize images online to easily create beautiful albums and collages and share them with your friends. Take a selfie in front of an unusual landmark or on the terrace of your quaint little B&B, and get it printed on canvas, on a mug, or on a mousepad to remember your special weekend for years to remember come. Avoid the overpriced souvenir shops; instead, head to the farmers’ market and buy some locally-made products. 

There are many affordable places to enjoy a weekend away from home. When time and money are limited, make sure to do your research beforehand to get the best rates available. After that, pack up and explore!

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