Places in Kentucky ep2 , Gates Of Hell Cemetery

Well, hello, YouTube friends, neighbors, subscribers, and family members. Today I’m going somewhere. Someone mentioned this place to me, and I’m a haunted place. It’s not like spooky things; I like crazy, crazy things. And somebody said, dude, you know there’s a cemetery right near you that is well known, so I looked it up on the map, and I’m like holy crap, that’s only like 11 miles away from me. So I’m heading to a cemetery nicknamed Hell’s Gate, I believe, and its real name is Cape the Kasey’s Cemetery. Now it’s known that you can’t go to these places after hours because it’s somewhat private property but not private property. After all, the cemetery here in the state of Kentucky isn’t private property. So this cemetery has some dating history. They say it one starts from the late 1700s into the 1800s when people started being buried there and then shortly after that people started having rituals whether it be satanic or Wiccan or witches or just people.
People with negative beliefs started having rituals there, and then many, many years ago, there were rumors that a teenage boy also hung himself out there or was hung, I don’t know. So today, we’re going to go there and check it out during the day. I don’t think I’d want to be there at night, even if it was illegal. So I found the intersection where I’m supposed to be. John Road is a tiny, tiny sign that just sort of leads on. So we’re going down somewhat of an unimproved road some say is private property, but it’s marked st. John Road, so I can’t see where I’m hurting anything. Now you see why I brought you Oh deal 1000 Akal this stuff post it over there probably posted on the left and right sides. Well, this whole road kind of sketchy used to be blacktop, a little bit of gravel then blacktop didn’t gravel then just whatever. All the crap there is, it is literally in the middle of nowhere. If there were a woman in Kentucky, this would be nowhere. KC Cemetery.
Okay, guys, let’s do this. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Take the keys of my damn bike. No messing with that. I’m going to take my phone, see you know, extended to 3G, which means no coverage. Let’s switch over to the other camera. Now out of respect for these sites, I’m not going to come off the trail at all. I will say I already see dates 1880 1868 and many different dates on these stones 1837. I said, well, show them I’m not going to zoom in on them or anything like that. And up here, oh if you guys could see up here in the trees, you’ll get there in a second is the area where they say a teenage boy either hung himself or was hung, and if you look closely, there’s a circle of stones here. They say that’s where the rituals were held, although they also say there’s a small building where things were held. I’m not sure what tree it was, but you can see. Now I may walk a little further, but I need to mine the stones somebody left a little will trinket on that one there to pay homage to and leave a coin. The sad part is that many people have come back here and vandalized this area. It is said that kids come back here and party and get drunk and crap. Whether it’s haunted, I don’t know all right, it’s posted right there I can’t further, but this is a circle of stones. Thanks in Kentucky, it is full of places like this, so what we’ll do is fill the riches and gold and her glasses on this one here. That’s cool. As we make our way out when we give our best wishes to someone else now, whether or not this place is haunted, that’s another thing. People say they’ve seen orbs and whatnot out there. I think we grow an excellent pot here in Kentucky. And it’s nice to see that my bike is still out there. So what we’ll do is see this is an excellent stone. I’m not going to show the name. This is recently deceased. Yeah, I’m sure at night this is a different story. You know when your mind and eyes play tricks on you. This is pretty cool though there are many stories online about this place. Hell’s Gate Cemetery is a gate to hell or Hell’s Gate or something like that, but it’s the Casey Cemetery, as you can see right there. Yeah, you’re right up there, I guess where the rituals were held. I came out alive. The bikes are still alive, so we’re all good. So until next time, guys, I’ll catch you later. Come on. The bike won’t start the hell. Dude, this isn’t funny.

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