One Of Kentucky’s Most Haunted Cemetery’s

Hey, this is CJ, the Traveling Man. Today, we’re visiting the one and only Grapevine Cemetery. Established around September 21st, 1880, this historic cemetery is in Western Kentucky, near Arlington or Madisonville. It has a Madisonville address. Today, we’ll walk around and check out the Crying Angel in this cemetery, and I’ll tell you a story about a boy who tragically took his own life.

So, let’s dive in. As you know, we’re in the Grapevine Cemetery and walking towards the Crying Angel. The area is also believed to be where the boy ended his life.

This Crying Angel statue is said to weep blood at midnight during a full moon. There’s also a ghost story of a young boy who committed suicide after his girlfriend left him – a heartbreaking story. Eyewitnesses have claimed that you’ll hear his deathly scream if you play a love song from your car. The lore states that if you leave your trunk, door, or windows open, his spirit may enter your car or haunt your surroundings. It’s believed this encounter can lead to death.

The Crying Angel herself is also steeped in legend. Knocking her head over could result in a curse or even death. It’s said that she cries blood for all the infants that have died in the cemetery, and a red flower blossoms every night near her eye, supposedly causing her to weep blood.

Now, we are about to approach the Crying Angel. As we walk closer, I believe the area near the sign is significant. The Crying Angel is associated with the Morgan family. John C. Morgan was born on June 8th, 1822; David A. Morton on June 10th, 1850; and Liz Morton in November, likely around 1800 or 1812.

Behind me is where the young boy is said to have committed suicide. We’ll walk there soon. I’m also giving you a glimpse of the Morton family graves. I will share more information about this family later on.

We’ve now arrived at the Magnolia area, as indicated by the sign. It’s intriguing – I’ve noticed a strong wind draft here, which feels somewhat out of place. Could it be linked to the boy’s presence? I feel it especially as I walk down this hill.

That’s all for now. This is CJ the Traveling Man, and I look forward to exploring more places with you. Please sit back, enjoy the show, and let me know what you think. A big hello to everyone in the Madisonville-Arlington area, and thank you for joining me in the Grapevine Cemetery. As we sign off, the wind continues to gust around us.

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  1. Diana Carolyn Watton

    A large number of My family is buried there, Particularly my brother Roger C. Satterfield who died a prisoner of war in Korea 1951.

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