One Of Kentucky’s Most Haunted Cemetery’s

hey this is cj the traveling man thought i’d let you know we were definitely in the one and only grapevine cemetery it was established around september 21st 1880 so it’s an older cemetery it’s also in the western kentucky area they also say in the the arlington or the madisonville kentucky area it has a madisonville address so other than that we’re gonna we’re gonna experience and we’re gonna walk around and we’re gonna check out the crying angel that’s located in this cemetery and also tell you a story that’s about a boy that committed suicide so other than that this is cj the traveler man as you know we’re gonna go on the show and enjoy it and let’s go let’s go do this and let’s see we will see what we find out please everybody thank you for joining me as you know we’re in the grapevine cemetery and a little bit of the story is we’re walking towards the crying angel and i’m definitely thinking the area of the boy as well is over here so there is a is a statue of the crying angel that is said that it cries blood at midnight which is would be on a full moon and there’s also a ghost story of a young boy that committed suicide after his girlfriend left him that is kind of like really heartbreaking to hear that there has been eyewitnesses saying if you play a love song from your car he will scream the death roar the story of this is that if you didn’t get your trunk your door or your windows closed or even rolled up he would get into your car or he would pretty much possess the the area of where you’re at and they say you will die so the story of the crying angel is also if you if if you knock her head over you will also be cursed or you might also die in that situation as well the she says she cries blood for all of the babies that have died there is there is also a red flower that blossoms every night into the area around her eye that makes her cry blood so other than that we are here and we are getting ready to walk up towards her so here we go with the crying angel we’re gonna walk up towards her and i’m thinking that area right by the sign but also this is a crying angel which is also part of the morgan family the john c morgan born june 8 1822 which you got david a morton which was born june 10th 1850 and then you also have liz morton which was born november i’m thinking 1800 or 1812. so i just thought i’d give you a little sample of this as well but i’m kind of thinking the area behind me is actually where they say the little boy committed suicide so we’ll just kind of walk over there but i’m also letting you get a sample of the morton family and i will piece that information with this on there so you can actually see the morton family there’s also you got more helen morton hall so all of this is part of the morton family as well so we’re going to kind of walk in the area in just a second to where we think that boy who committed suicide we’ll be right back see we’re over here by the magnolia area which is part of the sign and i noticed like you pick up a wind draft a real big wind draft out here is where we’re at so i’m kind of thinking maybe he’s somewhere in this area because it’s just it shouldn’t be that windy whereas if you’re walking in certain areas that pretty much it’s you can just fill it and it’s kind of like i said over here near the magnolia sign there’s something even if you as you’re walking over here you kind of feel a real strong presence of wind so if you’re in the area like i said you may be able to experience it you may not i mean it’s just the wind draft in the area and i’m wondering if you can even pick it up on the phone where you hear it like it’s getting stronger as i go down this hill so other than that this is cj the traveler man we’re gonna be exploring a lot more places i want you guys to sit back and enjoy the show and tell me what you think this is cj saying hello to everyone in the madisonville arlington area and also we’re signing out of the grapevine cemetery and you can feel you still can feel that wind you

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