Old Bald Knob Eerie Encounters at Old Bald Knob Haunted House in Frankfort, KY House – Frankfort, KY

I have a deep appreciation for pork shank tacos; they’re honestly my favorite! The combination of flavors and the accompanying music enhance the dining experience even further. Speaking of flavors, I’ve decided to remove the seeds from the jalapenos next time as they turned out to be quite spicy. On a different note, let me express how delightful the squash was—it exceeded my expectations. Now, let’s embark on our next adventure. We find ourselves at a historic high school constructed in 1939, where I’ve been told fascinating stories that will leave you utterly amazed. Did you catch that sound? Strangely, I didn’t hear anything.
Nonetheless, let’s forge ahead and see what intriguing discoveries await us. No need to worry; I’m fearless, and we’ll stick together throughout our journey. This place emanates an eerie ambiance that piques my curiosity. Who knows what mysteries lie within its walls? Oh, and speaking of surprises, I’d like to share something exciting with you. Have you visited our Facebook page? It’s Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen Facebook page, with unique content. Hit the like button and join our friendly community.
Also, please explore Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen website, where you can enjoy many fantastic videos on our YouTube channel. We’ve curated a collection of hundreds of captivating videos just for you. And now, it’s time to unveil our in-show feature—Mickey! So, my dear friends, join us as we indulge in delightful moments and savor delectable treats.

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