Old Bald Knob Haunted House – Frankfort, KY

Pork shank tacos are my favorite. You hear that and hear the music. They were good. You know what, I’m going to take the seeds out of the jalapenos next thing because that was hot, and the squash was delicious. And now we’re involved knob this is the high school 1939 it was built I’ve heard some stories that’ll blow them. You hear that I heard nothing, okay, so let’s go ahead and see what we can find I guess okay now let’s stay close you’re not scared no, I’m not scared at all let’s go. I’m telling you that’s quite creepy. One of those clowns knows what; yeah, Freddie’s back but this time, tell you about our Facebook page. Remember to check out our Facebook page Tim farmer’s country kitchen Facebook page. All you have to do is hit like and become one of our friends. Check out Tim Farmer’s country kitchen calm check out all our YouTube stuff. We’ve got hundreds of those things, and it’s that time it’s the in-show Mickey. It’s all about the tum’s good friends.

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