Octavia Hatcher’s Grave – Still Haunting Pikeville, Kentucky

Shane Timmons, the Appalachian Project, and I are at the gravesite of Octavia Hatcher in Pikeville, Kentucky. That name may ring a bell as she was buried alive back in 1891. She had gone into a deep depression. She’d lost a child whose grave is right there right in front of her, and I’ll try to zoom in on those who actually can’t get into them. It’s gated off now and locked up, but it’s about as close as you can get. But she was buried alive. She went into depression after a child passed away, and then apparently, there was some disease that went around that made people go into very, very shallow breathing to the brink of death. Once they found out that that was going around, she’d already been buried and dug. They dug her body up, and she scratched and clawed and dug, trying to get herself out of her grave, and unfortunately, she was very distressed when they found her, which is my absolute worst nightmare. And of course, they’ve gated this off probably because you can see her hand is missing her right hand, and part of the baby’s head on its head draws many people. I’m up here because I’m drawn to it as well. Still, I figured this is almost Halloween, a good time to start telling these ghost stories. There’s a lot of stories about how she will turn her back on the pipeline. I’ll give you a shot of where she’s located. It’s up on this hill overlooking Pikeville. There’s talk that sometimes the statue will be turned back as if she’s turning her back on Pikeville like the town that turned its back on her winged legends pretty close to the Pikeville college of osteopathic medicine. We’ve got Hutcherson, we’re a very prominent family, and this was a huge deal back in its day. And a lot of different stories talk about the hauntings. There is talk of the baby crying. Of course, like I just said, the statue that turns around backward and then some people have said you can hear scratching inside that grave at night is a very terrible story, a very spooky place and very tragic, and it’s always worse when it’s based on a true story. I want to give you guys a shot of what that’s like, kind of where it’s located. It’s kind of hard to get up to here if you have a pretty small vehicle to get around the cemetery. We’ll have more stories like this as the Halloween season approaches, but this is what I always wanted to like to start with Octavia hatcher. This is one that’s always been around for a long time, and it’s uh, as I said before, it’s most terrifying because it is based on a true story. At least her death was a true story. Whether the hauntings happen is anybody’s guess, but we’ll see if I make it back alive. I will talk to you guys in the following video. Thanks for reading.

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