Moving Forward and Starting Fresh in a New City

If you’re a senior who’s experiencing a low point in life, moving to new surroundings can provide you with the kick-start you need to get a fresh lease on life. Whether you’re seeking a town with a lower cost of living, need a change in scenery, or want to make a lifestyle overhaul, moving to a different city may be just what the doctor ordered. Kantuckee provides the following tips to help make your transition smooth and easy.

Finding the Right Location

Seniors looking to relocate have to prioritize their needs and wants in a new city and home.

  • Cost of living. Consider what life will cost in the cities you’re considering in terms of housing costs, shopping, and other day-to-day budgetary issues.
  • Amenities. Note which city amenities are most important to you. Do you want to live in a town with tons of cultural attractions, or do you prefer small-town living in a rural area without much to do?
  • Health care. If living conveniently close to medical centers and physicians’ offices is important, be sure to include this in your list when narrowing down your ideal location.
  • Crime stats. Be sure you move to a city that isn’t a high-crime area. Check out crime statistics for the locations you’re considering.
  • Search the internet. Many websites exist that can help you narrow down cities that will best be suited to your needs and desires.

How to Fit in Once You’ve Moved

When you move to a new state, you’ll find that there’s a lot available to make your days and nights interesting and fun.

You can build a new life anywhere with the help of a few simple tips.

  • Finding a new home. It’s wise to rent before purchasing a home in a city that’s completely new to you, but establishing a relationship with a local realtor can help you not only find a home, townhouse, or apartment, it can be a way to connect with a good person to introduce you to the city.
  • Make new friends. Join a senior center, volunteer at a food bank, take a class, or start going to the house of worship of your choice to meet people.
  • Join a group. Nearly every town has a list of Meetup groups to join so you can get together with others who have similar interests.

List of Professionals

As someone new to town, you probably won’t be sure of who to call when your home needs repairs. Put together a list of contacts you’ve gathered from neighbors, real estate agents, or the NextDoor website, so you know which professional to call when help is needed.

If your drain gets clogged or a pipe bursts, for example, you’ll want to contact a local plumber. Plumbers can cost an average of $45 to $150 per hour, so be aware of the average fees in your new city. Use only a licensed, insured plumbing professional. Do a search online for “good plumbers near me” and make sure you research reviews to ensure you’re getting someone who can do the job correctly.

Embrace the Change

Start fresh so you can enjoy positive changes in your life. Research and visit different Kentucky towns and regional areas to find the location that best suits your needs in terms of local amenities, parks, and recreational offerings.

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