Most Haunted Places In Kentucky

hello follow ParaNorman Susie is welcome in the most haunted places in Kentucky number 10 the Paramount Art Center in Ashland has a resident Specter nicknamed Paramount jo-jo supposedly was a construction worker who hanged himself in the Cedar he said to make unexplained cold drafts odd sounds he moves items and there were reports of people even seeing Paramount Joe a well-known story is that the singer Billy Ray Cyrus came to the Cedar and signed autographs for everyone including Joe they got hung up and when they took jose down for more room they came back the next day to see Joe’s hanging up and all the other autograph pictures were on the ground number nine that’s the Octagon Hall and Franklin it is a former plantation and today it operates as a museum ghost hunters frequent the property due to several paranormal tales a young girl reportedly burned to death in the building and she is said to haunt it today an imprints appear on unused beds and disembodied voices are heard throughout the building number 8 the jailers in Bed and Breakfast in Bardstown it was an operating jail from 1797 until 1987 and some prisoners supposedly never left a female spirit who sought to ban a former jailer is seen in in the courtyard where hangings took place full-bodied apparitions are seen and feelings of being watch it also disembodied footsteps and phantom cries are heard number seven is the Grand View Cemetery in Elizabethtown it contains graves dating back to the 18th century the cemetery is also known as KC cemetery and the gates of hell I prefer the name Grandview or KC cemetery reports of eerie sensations disembodied screams shadow figures glowing headstones ghostly orbs moving trees and reports of devil worship all in this small cemetery number six is the Pope Lick Creek in Louisville where a monster roams said to roam around a railway trestle along the Pope Lick Creek in the Fisherville neighborhood of Louisville Kentucky it is described to the half-man half-goat creature with its upper body being human-like and white fur covered legs wide set eyes sharp horns and it is said to be able to mimic people or hypnotize them onto the train tracks when there’s an oncoming train or off of the trestle there are several stories about the origins of the public monster such as it being an escaped circus freak a twisted version of a farmer who sacrificed ghosts for satanic powers and another story about a farmer who got bit too familiar with his go whatever this creature is I don’t want to come face-to-face with it number five Mammoth Cave National Park in south western kentucky cave we use native burial grounds and slaves were also forced to mine in the caves there are several ports of paranormal activity full-bodied apparitions are seen disembodied footsteps and voices are heard and strange lights have been reported dancing around the caves number four is the Perryville battlefield in Perryville this was the largest battle the civil war to be fought in Kentucky over 7,000 men were killed wounded or missing due to that many people claim the spot is extremely haunted many apparitions are seen on the battlefield with some riding horses ghostly orbs are seen all over the area as well number three is Liberty Hall in Frankfort it was built in 1796 by Senator John Brown and today this building is said to be inhabited by three spirits a mrs. Margaret Vanek who died of a heart attack in the home is seen around the home today in a gray dress and she has described as a friendly spirit another spirit is that of a Spanish opera singer who came to the home but vanished without a trace she walked to the garden and then just disappeared many people think she was abducted today her spear can be seen in the gardens running with her mouth gape but silent the final spirit is a war of 1812 soldier who was seen looking in a window then he walks away and just disappears number two is Bobby Mackey’s music world and Wilder this is considered one of the most haunted places in the United States and it’s only number two on this list this building was once used as a slaughterhouse to devil worshippers murdered a woman by the name of pearl Brian around the area and she is said to haunt the building along with her murderers another woman by the name of Johanna who committed suicide here is said to haunt the nightclub and another legend is that there is a portal to Hell in the basement where spirits can come in and out of hell and number one is the well-known Waverly Hills Sanatorium considered one of the most haunted places in the United States if not the world it was constructed to house tuberculosis patients was as many as 8,000 people dying in halls the current structure opened in 1926 and closed in 1961 due to tuberculosis cure being discovered now on to the Haunted happenings a chef is seen in the kitchen with food smells being reported a young boy and girl are seen playing a lady apparition was bleeding wrist is seen a phantom hearth has been seen behind the sanatorium orbs and cold spots are reported all over the building and grounds the aptly named body chute where the dead bodies were moved from patient view has figures seen in it and strange sounds heard and other disembodied sounds are heard all over the building well thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you did why not like and share the video would be much appreciated if there were some haunted places in Kentucky that weren’t on the you think should be pleased even the comments below I’d love to read them and if you want to see more of my content subscribe for more paranormal activity and I’ll see you guys later bye bye

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