Medicare Guarantee Issue Rights

Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, with another message from Aines, Carter & Associates in Lagrange, KY. Aines, Carter & Associates specializes in Medicare planning. Today, we are going to discuss important considerations for those that continue to work after they turn 65 and qualify for Medicare. Please contact the human resources department to find out if your current employer insurance plan is considered creditable coverage by Medicare. If it is considered creditable coverage, then you do not have to enroll in Medicare Part B. If a Medicare recipient decides to enroll in Part B, while retaining creditable employer coverage, they will only have Guarantee Issue rights into certain Medicare supplement plans when they retire. For example, those individuals who qualified for Medicare before Jan. 1st 2020, will only be able to utilize Guarantee Issue Rights into supplement plans A & F with most companies. Qualifying for Medicare after Jan. 1st 2020 will trigger Guarantee Issue Rights into supplement plans G, N, or A. For more information Google “Medicare Supplement Lagrange, KY.” Aines, Carter & Associates, Medicare done right the first time.

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