Mark’s Feed Store: From Animal Feed to Foodie Haven

Mark’s Feed Store is a true gem in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. What once was a feed store catering to animals has now transformed into a haven for humans to enjoy some of the best barbecues in the state. The restaurant has been recognized as one of the finest spots for barbecue and southern cuisine in the area and a must-visit for any foodie traveling through Kentucky.

Founded in the 1980s by Mark Erwin, the restaurant resulted from his frustration with the need for quality barbecue options in Louisville. Erwin ventured out to Western Kentucky, home to the Bar-B-Q Capital of the World to find his inspiration. There he learned the ins and outs of barbecue from the pit masters and brought that knowledge back to Louisville.

Erwin knew that having an exact location was just as important as having the perfect recipe, so he selected a historic building home to Hancock’s Feed Store for over half a century. This location was perfect as it added a sense of authenticity to the overall experience and gave the restaurant its unique character.

Today, Mark’s Feed Store is known for its savory barbecue and its delicious Southern cuisine. Their mac and cheese are especially popular, and many consider it the best in Kentucky. The dish is so popular that some people visit Mark’s Feed Store just for the mac and cheese alone!

The restaurant’s mac and cheese is a perfect blend of creamy and cheesy. It is rich, indulgent, and bursting with flavor. The recipe has been perfected over the years and is made with top-quality ingredients. So it is no surprise that it has become a fan favorite and has garnered quite a following.

If you are looking to take the flavor of Mark’s Feed Store home with you, you can even buy their signature sticky-sweet sauce by the bottle. But nothing beats the experience of eating at the restaurant. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

In conclusion, Mark’s Feed Store is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. From the history of the building to the expertise of the pit masters, every element of the restaurant has been carefully crafted to give patrons an unforgettable experience. So if you’re ever in Louisville, be sure to stop by and try their legendary barbecue and the most magnificent mac and cheese you’ll ever have.

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