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Third Street Stuff & Coffee continues to raise the bar by serving the best coffee and espresso. Locally roasted and Fair Trade Certified Organic, we happily do our part to serve our community and the world, one cup at a time.

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  1. Time of Visit: Sunday morning
    Drink: Americano (Hot, One size only)

    Oh man, this place is cool. It’s the first place I have reviewed so far that excited me as I stepped inside. Bright colors spill out from the walls down to the floors, with chairs and tables painted to match. I want to be clever and call it a “Jackson Pollock on LSD” look, but it’s not quite that chaotic. It would be more accurate to say it looks like they let a group of middle school kids paint everything (EVERY thing) while only being allowed to use bright pastels.
    There are several large, open rooms with an array of table sizes (As well as some booth seating). Additionally, they have several large picnic tables outside. There’s a lot of capacity but it still feels very cozy.
    If you don’t like mixing politics and coffee (or if you consider yourself right of center), this place might annoy you. There’s a print of Edward Snowden on the wall alongside the word “patriot”; wood signs hanging from the ceiling are adorned with phrases like “no ban no wall” and “refugees welcome”. They had actually written “The Immigrant” over “Americano” on the menu, something that confused me for way longer than it should have. I prefer to leave my own political views out of my coffee enjoyment, but I felt it necessary to mention this since it might rub some people the wrong way.
    Back to the review…
    As the name implies, in addition to coffee they also sell “stuff” here, which includes miscellaneous trinkets like pens, pencils, coffee mugs, stationary etc. The music was a mix of mostly light R&B, calming but not really what I like to study to. The volume was higher than what it probably should have been, but I was still able to block it out with headphones.

    Good, two people behind the counter were both nice and made my drink quickly. They seemed friendly, but I didn’t really interact with them much.

    The coffee:
    They get bonus points for making their Americano by the book: It’s a double shot of espresso served in a cup that is only big enough for equal parts espresso and water. A real 1:1 Americano. They don’t even offer other sizes on their menu, if you order an Americano this is what you’re getting. When I saw this I had really high hopes, however the drink wasn’t quite up to the level of my current favorite (Cup of Commonwealth). It tasted like the espresso was a little burnt (maybe it had been pulled too long or they just didn’t use very good beans?). Overall still a solid drink, but coming off of the prior day’s Americano the bar was pretty high.

    The verdict
    Good coffee served in really cool environment. If I had to cram for an exam or hunker down and do some work for an extended period of time, this is probably where I would come.

    Misc. Notes:
    -Great free wifi, faster than I was expecting
    -Free off street parking for customers

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