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Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery is an independent, family owned small business located in Lexington Kentucky. Wife and husband partners, Kristie and Lood Kotze and boys Daniel and Lucas, love to share their coffee with others.

During a visit to South Africa, Lood’s country of birth, we had an eye opening coffee experience which triggered our coffee interest and eventually grew into a relentless pursuit to find unique and exceptional coffees wherever we went. Entering into the business side of the specialty coffee industry was a natural progression; thus the unfolding of Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery.

We are dedicated to coffee excellence; socially, environmentally and economically responsible; being fair to all parties involved. We hope you will choose us to be your source of exceptional and honest coffees.

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  1. Time of Visit: Saturday afternoon
    Drink: Cold brew
    Located downtown (across the street from the convention center), I would imagine this a busy place during the week. On the sunny Saturday afternoon of my visit, however, the place is only about half full (half empty?). There is still in an energy to it; the music is upbeat and the clientele is composed mainly of 20 and 30 somethings busily working away laptops.
    The space is bright and open, with a mix of glass windows, red brick, and wood panels crawling to the top of the high ceilings. The exposed pipes and concrete floor gives it an industrial feel, but wooden tables and Edison lights add some warmth. The tables are worth mentioning in further detail: There are about 15 of them scattered throughout. They vary in size (from 2 – chair to 8 – chair). What makes them unique is that they are all made from large cross sections of trees. While visually appealing, they are not perfectly flat and can be a little bit of an annoyance when trying to write or type.
    As mentioned earlier, the music is upbeat. The volume level is high enough to drown out noise from other tables, but low enough that you can still hold a conversation (or pop in your own earbuds without having to crank up the volume). Definitely seems like a solid place to meet somebody or get some work done.
    The service was good and efficient. I initially ordered an iced Americano. The barista told me they only have 1 size of cups for iced drinks, and that he’d have to use 4 shots of espresso to prevent it from being watered down. Wanting to avoid heart palpitations, I switched my order to a regular cold brew. I appreciated that he knew the proper water/espresso ratio of an Americano (looking at you Starbucks), and also that he was nice enough to give me a heads up before serving me way more caffeine than I needed on a Saturday afternoon. Also worth noting, this place doesn’t have detectable pretentious-ness to it. The 2 guys behind the bar seemed to know what they were doing but didn’t come across as coffee snobs or hipsters.
    The coffee:
    The cold brew was smooth (as one would expect), with caramel and nutty notes. From a flavor perspective it probably could have benefited from being a little stronger, especially as the ice started to melt. Overall it was on par with what I have experienced from smaller coffee shops but not really a stand out. (Full disclosure, I typically drink espresso based drinks, so I am by no means a cold brew aficionado)
    Misc. Notes:
    -They use compostable plastic and recycled paper sleeves, so bonus points for that.
    -I had issues with their Wifi, but there’s a TWC hotspot within range that worked really well for me.
    -I don’t actually have anything against hipsters

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Mon-Fri: 7:00am – 8:00pm Sat: 8:00am – 5:00pm Sun: 9:00am – 4:00pm
West Main Street 529
Lexington 40507 KY US
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