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We opened in Lexington, KY in 1983 when the American coffee shop experience had yet to fully take off. It was an exciting time and we have learned a lot along the way without forgetting our mission: to provide freshly roasted arabica coffee with great service and personality.

With a passion for all things coffee, we have spent the last 30 years combining an espresso bar with a growing retail store, filled with over 60 types of coffee, all roasted on-site! You will find single-origin beans, our favorite blends, and a variety of flavored coffees like Kentucky Bourbon and Southern Pecan, all flavored in small batches… here!

Add coffee makers (automatic & manual), mugs, teas, tea cups and pots, candies, cocoas, journals, and an array of unique and quirky gift items and you’ve got us! Coffee Times!

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  1. Cheers has nothing on this place

    I come here a lot! The coffee is always wonderful and my productivity goes up with each cup. 🙂 While I’m here I notice a lot of other students and small business owners are here as well. Overall, Coffee times has a wonder atmosphere, very friendly, and personable, staff. A true Lexingotn, Kentucky gem.

  2. Good coffee and good atmosphere

    Time of Visit: Sunday Late Morning

    Drink: Americano (Hot, small, ~10 ounces)

    Atmosphere: First, some background: Coffee Times is a coffee shop that has the same owners (and building) as Lexington Coffee and Tea (which is a roaster and wholesaler). Basically business in the back (coffee) party in the front. What this means is that all the coffee beans served here are roasted on-site. Later in the review I’ll cover if this actually makes for good coffee.

    Coffee times is located in a small strip of stores, with ample off-street parking. The surrounding scenery outside is fairly bland, but you can’t fault them for that. As you enter, you are in the “gift shop” area of the store, with tons of different coffee and teas for sale by weight, along with coffee mugs, coffee makers, etc. Roughly half the square footage of the space is dedicated to this area, and the smell is phenomenal. The actual coffee shop occupies the remained of the space, with seating for about 40 people. A dark brown painted floor and walls painted in earthy bluish-grays and greens give the space a warm feel. This is further exaggerated by the golden glow of Edison bulbs strung from the ceiling. Classic holiday music is playing softly in the background. The décor is fairly minimal, though in one section there are several maps on the wall.

    Service: On my visit there are 3 people working the counter. They seem to work fairly efficiently and despite a steady flow of customers had most drinks served within 3-4 minutes of people ordering them.

    The coffee: On the nose, this small Americano has some darker aromas of caramel and a little chocolate. It was served too hot to drink, but was in a mug without a lid so it cooled quickly. On the tongue, the texture is smooth and velvety. The main flavor I get is a slightly bitter nuttiness, almost like a bittersweet cocoa (like the espresso was well made, but the beans may have been a darker roast). The strength (espress to water ratio) was pretty much perfect IMO. Much (much) better than Starbucks, but I not quite in the “top tier” of all the Americano’s I’ve had so for in Lexington.

    The verdict: Good coffee and good atmosphere. I think there are other places in Lexington that can beat it in both aspects, but it’s nonetheless a solid part of the city’s coffee scene. By far the largest selection of coffee beans available anywhere in the city.

    Misc. Notes: -Decent selection of baked goods and some lunch stuff -Free wifi worked well

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