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Coffea was established in 2007 in downtown Lexington, KY, just off the University of Kentucky’s North campus.

We present excellent coffee/espresso drinks, an array of loose-leaf teas and a tasteful selection of pastries and food.

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  1. Drink: Americano (Hot, One size only)

    The layout of the inside is essentially a big “U” shape, with the counter on the inner curve. The lighting is warm, with only a little natural light. Décor accents follow a rainforest / nature vibe, with tree-trunk columns rising out of the floor and bamboo shoots covering the ceiling (It reminds me of a cooler Panera Bread). Seating is a mix of booths and normal café chairs, with about 20 tables in total.
    The clientele is mostly students – not surprising given its proximity to UK’s campus. It’s fairly empty during my visit, but the students that come in look ready to hamper down and study, so I could see seating being an issue during peak hours.
    When I arrived they were playing some mellow rap/R&B (unedited – who doesn’t love a few f-bombs in the background while trying to study O-Chem?), but after about 20 min the music just stopped….and then after a 15 min hiatus it returned, this time with more of a grunge/punk rock flavor. I’m 99% sure it’s just the barista with an aux cord. Volume level was low enough to let headphones drown it out if you felt so inclined.

    There was only one person working during my visit, but there was not much of a crowd so the wait time was fine. I will say if you come here expecting the ultra-efficient assembly line style of Starbucks, you will be disappointed. Maybe they have a better system when it gets busier, but with only one person handling drinks, food, and payment, I saw a line quickly grow even though the flow of patrons was pretty slow. Come here expecting at least a 5 min wait. The barista seemed to know a lot of the people coming in, and made pleasant conversation with almost everyone.

    The coffee:
    Their Americano comes in 1 size, which appears to be 16 oz. for $2.89. It’s a little weak, like it would be better served as a 12 oz. Still, there are some promising notes of caramel and hazelnut, and it’s served at a good temperature. I don’t think I would come back for the coffee alone, but it’s good enough to make this place a viable option if all you want is some caffeine and a place to do some work.
    Side note: It says they serve Sunergos Coffee, which is a Louisville based company that appears to source and roast their own beans.

    The verdict
    Nice local study spot, so-so coffee but a good vibe for being productive.

    Misc. Notes:
    -Free off street parking for customers (in back)
    -Large selection of teas
    -They have some unique food options, including Nutella toast, pb&j, and an “Elvis”.

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