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BROOMWAGON is a bike shop.  Our bike shop offers bicycle retail and repair service. We carry Haro BMX, MTB, and kids bikes, Kona MTB and road bikes, Del Sol Cruisers, State single speed and fixed gears. We also have Giro helmets, Giro shoes, Blackburn and Knog lights, Kryptonite locks, Brooks Saddles, Fixcraft polo frames and equipment… just to name a few among our offerings of parts and accessories. We aim to complete basic bike repairs while you wait!

BROOMWAGON is a coffee shop, beer garden, and cafe.  Our cafe offers full barista services to make any coffee or tea concoction you can dream up. Enjoy a local draft beer or craft can in our beer garden or bike shop. We serve food, smoothies, and milkshakes to eat-in or carry-out all day long. We also offer delivery by bike M-F 11a-2p!

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  1. Time of Visit: Sunday Afternoon
    Drink: Americano (Hot, Small)
    In keeping with my last review’s theme of mixing coffee with something totally unrelated to coffee, I find myself at the bike shop / coffee house that is Broomwagon. There are two entrances here – a main one that opens to the bike shop area, and a side one that leads directly to the coffee shop. The two sections are completely separated (by a wall), except for an open doorway that connects them. I was expecting the coffee shop to be incorporated with or influenced by the bike shop in some way, but that wasn’t the case. Had I not known ahead of time, I might have thought they were two separate businesses just sharing the same building. My childhood bike had training wheel on it until I was about 16, so I am probably the least qualified person to review their bike shop. It looked cool and had bikes, that’s about as much as I can say. The coffee side of the store is relatively small, with about 5 tables and an additional 4-seat bar-style table that faces out the window. There’s only 2 other person sitting during my visit, but 7-8 cycle through (get it?) with to-go orders during my ~1 hour visit. The walls are all exposed brick, and large windows on two side allow for lots of natural light.
    The exterior is a lovely dark brick with slate gray accents. There is also gravel outdoor seating area on the side of the building, filled with 4 wooden park style tables, a few other pieces of miscellaneous furniture, a makeshift fire pit and some flower boxes. It’s a little disheveled looking but seems to fit with the urban/industrial blend that comes to my mind when I think of the Noli area (full disclosure I don’t fully understand where the Noli area stops or starts, so I may have no idea what I’m talking about here).
    Only 1 person working the counter here, so expect it to take some time if there’s a line. With that said, he made my drink pretty quickly. He asked if I wanted it in a to-go cup or a mug, which I always appreciate. Good service overall, not really much more to say here.
    The coffee:
    Served in a gray mug, there is a nice thin layer of foam (“crema”?) on top (uncommon for an Americano). The nose is a little bland, but not off-putting. The flavor is earthy and mildly acidic acidic with some subtle nutty and butterscotch notes. There is a little bit of a burnt taste on the finish, but all in all it’s a solid cup of coffee. Notably, it isn’t weak like so many of the other Americanos I have tasted.
    The verdict
    No glaring faults, and a solid cup of coffee. If I lived nearby I could see myself coming here a lot, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to come back. It has everything a coffee shop needs, but there’s nothing unique about it that would make me go out of my way to return.
    Misc. Notes:
    -They have a small parking lot (4 spaces), and there seems to be ample street parking nearby
    -Large food menu, including a weekend brunch (omelets, waffles, etc.)

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