Interior Design for 2019 – Thinking beyond Farmhouse Chic

There are hundreds of different style profiles out there that make a huge difference in the way that we design our homes. While farmhouse chic is still popular amongst many homeowners, there are other aesthetics out there that are gaining in popularity. Three new design themes that are up and coming are Memphis, Sustainable and new Boho designs.


What is being dubbed as the Memphis movement is a loud, proud, and out there style that goes against the good sense that many designers have been following for years. This design is what some might see as ridiculous, out of the ordinary, and over the top entirely. The Memphis movement started in Milan, Italy in 1981 and features things like unusual materials on the lamps and tables where they would normally be on the floor, lines that are not straight, squiggles if you will, and even bright items that are shaped oddly and that are a rejection of the typical shape that you might expect.

This style is attention grabbing, eye catching, and a bit out of the ordinary making you look twice at what you are seeing. This movement is a clear departure from what you might expect in terms of modern design. This design scheme looks like something from the 80s and is a clear nod to that time. With Memphis style you may have a room that is very standard and straightforward but have a lamp or a table that is made of laminate or other materials that you might find on a floor in a typical design scheme. You may have a wall that is an expected color but it has squiggles painted on it. You may also have shelving that is unique shapes, tables, chairs and all that are not of the expected material or shape.

For bedrooms headboards, side tables and more can all be in the Memphis style and are great for helping to update your bedroom style. For living rooms, you can be a bit bolder and can opt for paint jobs that are truly unique, and for pieces of furniture that are show stopping. Memphis style can be added to any room, any home, and any area of the home and you can go all out or you can add a bit of Memphis style here and there.

Memphis style is going to be loud, colorful and full of life and is great for those that like a bit of classic style mixed with more classic colors and styles. This is a fun trend that anyone can get behind and that fits in nearly any home and any room of your home as well. The Memphis style looks great in bedrooms and living rooms. As far as applying the Memphis style to your living room, this is a style that can easily, and quite trendily, be applied to a couch. This is a great style to apply to large, statement pieces that are going to become the focal point of the room.

In the kitchen, you can also buy a Memphis style dining set if you are looking to update and restyle your dining room. The Memphis style is also fantastic for kids bedrooms and for those that want to add a few statement pieces to their already established design and just want to add something fun and colorful.


Another fantastic design option you may want to consider is sustainable design. This is more focused on using items that have been around for a while, recycling ideas, pieces of furniture, and more. For paint jobs, try using lighter colors that are going to be more energy efficient and help keep the room cooler and brighter without using as much energy, you can also use paint that is better for the environment and that is made with sustainable ingredients. You want to bring as much natural light into the room as possible without using too much artificial light.

On top of that, you can also look for sustainable items like furniture made of bamboo, flooring that tis made of sustainable materials and more. Recycling furniture is a great way to do this as well. You can find some truly beautiful pieces at thrift shops, consignment stores and at various online retailers that are going to fit any home perfectly. You can find some great items at furniture stores in Lexington, KY like Another Man’s Treasure. Choosing only items that are ethically made and that are made of materials that are sustainable is a great way to cut the demand for items that are made of wood that may not be as easy to source.

Materials also matter when it comes to you style. You should consider things like synthetic materials for sofas for instance as they are going to be better for the environment overall. These items normally stay clean longer and are going to need to be replaced less often which means they are going to stay out of the landfill longer than some other items might. These items also take less time to clean and to keep up which means that there may be far less issue with your being able to keep a piece of furniture that is made of a sustainable material looking great.

Carpets also help to insulate the room as well. They can help to retain up to 10% total of the rooms heat making it possible to not have to turn the heat on as much. They can also help to reduce sound, to trap dust and are great for those that want to make a true difference in their overall energy consumption. You can also get rugs that are made of sustainable materials as well. Window treatments are a great addition to any bedroom furniture décor as well and can help add to the sustainability of your home as well. Window treatments can help to insulate from heat, cold and light as well.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms you can upgrade to energy efficient faucets and appliances that can help to keep your home working better and looking great. Your thermostats can also make a big difference and can help to regulate your heat and air conditioner as well. These are all great ways to have a home that is both stylish and sustainable. This style is fantastic for those that want to have a great interior style but also want to save some money and do something that is better for the environment.


Yet another fantastic design trend is the boho style. This style is eclectic, it draws inspiration from other cultures, from the styles of other nations, and from the earth itself. Freedom and openness are important for the bohemian style and often, you can simply let the space inspire you. Big windows can become a focal point, greenery and landscape outside can help to inspire an interior design, and more. A great way to start your design is to start with a neutral base where you can really flourish with the decorations and extras.

Neutral wall colors make a great base for colorful furniture, exotic rugs, a brightly patterned sofa or a uniquely designed dining set. Boho gives you the chance to bring in inspiration from anywhere and to add colors, fabrics, textures, and pieces that you enjoy, even if they may not match with the style of the rest of the room. Another great pairing for the bohemian style is a bright wall color, perhaps unexpected, paired with the delicate curve of antique furniture.

You can have a truly bohemian look when you use antique pieces like rugs, mirrors, and mixing textures. This is a great way to get a bohemian feel without having to go all out. You can pair smaller pieces with your classically themed and styled home to give it a bit of flare without having to worry too much about outfitting your home with all boho style. The true spirit of the bohemian look is color and texture and life. You can find some great pieces at thrift shops and second hand stores that will work well with the mismatched style that is bohemian design.

If you have furniture that you have been wanting to add to your design, if you have pieces that may not fit in one room or fit with the design of the room, bohemian is a great style that allows you to use these pieces in unique and creative ways. You can add your pieces here and there for a bit of flare or you can deck an entire room out in boho chic that is envious. Bohemian style is comfortable, classic, warm, and inviting and is great for those that truly want something that is unique and special. Boho is a design that makes it possible to have a truly unique design that is all your own.

Bohemian is a great way to take all those fantastic pieces that you love but that might not go together in a classic sense, and just use them no matter where you are. This is a beautiful design scheme that also allows you to buy a few pieces here and there to finish your entire design. It allows the incorporation of ideas and designs from different countries, different time periods, and different color palettes so you can truly get a beautiful overall look that is going to be stunning and diverse.

No matter what style you ultimately choose, it is up to you how you execute your overall application of your style. It is important that you take the time to find pieces you love, pieces that speak to you, and pieces that you want to use each and every day. A great way to try out new styles and new interior designs is to take the time to shop second hand. Shopping second hand does a few different things, for starters, it allows you to save some money and to get great items for a fraction of what they would cost brand new.

On top of that, it allows you to get access to items that you may not have access to otherwise. You can have antique pieces, pieces that are from other countries, and pieces that are just unique and buying second hand opens up that possibility for you. There are tons of wonderful second hand items out there that fit any particular style you may be thinking of. Finding these pieces is just a matter of putting in some work, and going above and beyond to look for the items that you love and for the items that you really want to add to your home.

Buying used is also a great way to save money and to help save the environment as well. Buying second hand and used items keeps large pieces like sofas and dining sets out of the landfill and allows them to have a second chance at life and a second chance to make someone happy. It is always best to check out your local second hand stores and furniture stores in Lexington KY or wherever you live, like Another Man’s Treasure to see if they have pieces that fit what you are looking for, or if they have a treasure you never knew you needed.

Used is a great way to make your dollar go further so that you can fully commit to any style or any design that you want to try. Buying new may seem like the best way to get what you want, but taking the time to shop second hand may reveal treasures you never even knew you needed. If you are looking for pieces that are unique, special and that will complete your room, home or any particular design, shopping second hand is a great place to start.

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