Haunted Encounters: Uncovering the Fourth Floor Mystery at Waverly Hills

Hey, this is Amy, and I have a strange feeling that someone is right behind me. It’s freaking me out. I sense a presence in the hallway, and it’s not normal. Are you standing in front of me? Who are you? Jesus! Did you touch me? No one has touched me. It feels like you. Stop it!

We are Amy and Adam, the hosts of “Kindred Spirits: Inside the Investigation.” This episode explores the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Waverly Hills holds a special significance for us because it was where the idea for our show originated.

Years ago, during our first visit to the nurse’s wing at Waverly Hills, we had a powerful experience. We connected with the ghostly nurses who communicated with us through knocking sounds. They seemed to be asking for our prayers, but we left without providing any resolution for them. This experience haunted us and drove us to create “Kindred Spirits.”

While returning to Waverly Hills, we met Tina, whom we had known for many years. She surprised us by revealing her disturbing experience on the fourth floor. She felt something unsettling had occurred there and asked us to investigate. This revelation changed the focus of our investigation. We shifted from helping known entities to uncovering the entity’s identity on the fourth floor that had been terrifying people.

To begin, we conducted extensive research, gathering newspaper articles and any information related to unusual deaths at Waverly Hills. We discovered a woman named Sean T. Mitchell, whose husband was a patient at Waverly Hills. She had an affair with another man named Charles Chester Cureton. One night, during an altercation, Cureton slapped her, causing her to fall and fatally hit her head. Shockingly, Mitchell revealed to the police that he had been a patient at Waverly Hills for the past three years, and he intended to return for further treatment, leaving their children in the state’s care.

Armed with this information, we started experiencing some paranormal activity. However, when we brought in Chip, who had no prior knowledge of the location, things became more intense. As we reached the fourth floor, Chip led us to where Tina had encountered the entity that screamed at her.

Using the SLS camera and conducting a spirit box experiment, we captured compelling evidence. An anomaly appeared in the middle of the hallway, and its movements were far from ordinary. We realized something was present in front of Tina. We asked if it needed help and could move to the left. The situation escalated, and it became increasingly terrifying for Amy, who felt a strong presence behind her.

Waverly Hills has always been an active location, but this investigation exceeded our expectations. From the moment we entered, there was continuous paranormal activity. The spirits acknowledged our research and guided us in the right direction.

As we delved deeper into the case, we focused on John’s potential responsibility for the haunting on the fourth floor. We attempted to communicate with him, and suddenly, an unexpected breeze swept through the room. It felt as if John was present. Then, to our astonishment, a figure appeared in the hallway. It looked like a natural person, but it quickly vanished. Adam, who was in front of Amy, confirmed seeing the figure. We were in the middle of an EVP session, and upon playback, we heard Amy exclaim, “Jesus, did you just touch me?” John was angry and didn’t want us to capture certain aspects of the investigation on camera. Strangely, Amy’s SLS camera stopped working during this encounter.

Seeing the apparition confirmed our suspicions. Finally, we connected with John, and his story, untold for many years, was finally revealed. Finally, we gave him a voice and shed light on his troubled existence. Moving forward, investigators will approach the fourth floor with respect and understand the pain John endured.

This investigation taught us an important lesson: never judge a ghost by its manifestations. We cannot make assumptions based solely on their behavior. In the end, after revealing John’s involvement to Tina, she has become an advocate for educating others about the entity they may encounter at Waverly Hills.

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