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this is Amy I feel like someone’s right behind me it’s freaking me out I feel somebody’s standing in the hallway that’s that’s definitely not normal are you standing in front of her who’s you Jesus do you just touch me no one’s touched me by the nose that’s you stop it we’re Amy and Adam and this is kindred spirits inside the investigation this investigation was the famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky Waverly Hills is really how kindred spirits was born for exactly Waverly Hills was the one place that we always felt guilty just walking out of without providing any kind of resolution for the ghosts that were there because we had this extremely powerful experience in the nurse’s wing so many years ago where we felt we were communicating with nurses there who were knocking back to us they were asking for us to pray for them but we just left them and every time we talked about doing kindred spirits we kept coming back to that moment at Waverly and how he wanted so badly to go back and fix it and find out who was there and why they were so desperate right so we show up we roll up Tina’s there we’ve known Tina for years and years and years and she throws us a curveball there is someplace on the fourth floor I would like for you to go to ok it’s one of the ones I’m the most uncomfortable in something happened to me up there how long ago this year there’s something that I just think it might be something unsettled it needs help all of a sudden our mission statement for the whole case changed it went from just helping the entities we had dealt with before to figuring out what this entity was on the fourth floor that essentially had been screaming at people Waverly it’s a perfect example of when you do research don’t rule anything out what I did for the chaos is I just started gathering every newspaper article every piece of information that I could find that involved some sort of out of the ordinary death for Waverly Hills get this woman’s husband Sean T Mitchell was a patient at Waverly Hills for like three months she meets this other dude Charles Chester Cureton at a cafe at 3:00 a.m. right so they clearly have all something going on she something happens he slaps her she falls on the ground hits her head and dies oh my god her husband told police that he had been a patient at Waverly Hills tuberculosis sanatorium for the past three years he said he would ask the state to care for their children since he now must return to the sanatorium for further treatment what yeah so when this murder occurred John lost not only his wife and found out she was having an affair he lost everything we had all this information and we were getting some activity but it wasn’t until we brought in chip who knew nothing about the space and we had him do a walkthrough of the space we get to the fourth floor he walked it right to where Tina had the activity where something came up and screamed in her face got a C associated with his name too Clarence Clement see something see Charles choice Chester Cureton we could use the SLS camera up there and you were doing the spirit box experiment that was crate sitting in the middle of the hallway is that normal for all the spewed on this that’s that’s definitely not normal are you standing in front of her that’s just look at that how far she extends out dad something is in front of her if there’s somebody in front of her can you move to the left do you need help no reason Adam this thing is coming all the way back to this Lantern her energies this is Amy I feel like someone’s right behind me freaking me out Waverly is always active I mean there is nothing that happens at Waverly that we’re shocked a lot of the times and we’re startled a lot of the times but this particular investigation things were popping the moment we entered the space and it was happening based on our research and if we were going in the right direction with our research and they were in that space they were gonna let us know that they were there once we kind of honed in on the potential for this John character to be responsible for the haunting on the fourth floor we started talking to him this breeze all of a sudden I got of nowhere yeah it’s moving right there I don’t know it sounds like footsteps now John if that’s you we want nothing but the best for you we don’t want you to be here oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god I saw somebody in the hallway it was literally a person oh my god he’s standing right there and he flashed disappears and I look straight at Adams Adams in front of me and Adams going did you just see something right there he points right to where I saw this man and so then we’re in the middle of an EVP session right we were asking questions I’m holding the recorder I play it back and right when it gets to that point on the recorder where we saw that man was you Jesus do you just touch me Noyes touch me I know that’s you stop it he was pissed he was angry and he was just in that space and so we were in the space talking about something he didn’t want to talk about he didn’t want us to capture on camera and incidentally I stopped using the SLS because it would not stay on for me and that is when we saw the apparition yeah and I don’t think he would have showed himself if I was pointing something directly at him I mean the big thing was that we were able to verify I mean that clearly was who we were talking to and so again it’s the story that kind of sat untold for so many years and we kind of brought it back to life and told his side of it and and so now for however long people investigate that fourth-floor they’re going to treat this man with respect and understand what he went through it’s why you can never judge a book by its cover you can’t judge an apparition or a ghost based on the activity that they are manifesting you know in the end after telling Tina who was responsible for her experience you know she’s gone on to kind of just further educate people as they investigate in that space who it is that they are dealing with also it kind of revolutionized the way they’re going to investigate Waverly from here on out thanks for watching and keep up with kindred spirits and more behind the scenes action on Travel Channel go [Music]

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