INSIDE The Kentucky Castle – KEN HERON

hey everybody it’s your pal Ken and this
is the Kentucky castle
this is the Kentucky Castle also known
as castle post martin castle and the
Versailles castle it’s located in
Versailles Kentucky near Lexington
construction began in 1969 by its
original owners
Rex Martin and his wife Caroline the
the architecture was inspired by the famous
buildings they had seen in Germany on a
the recent trip they’ve taken to Europe the
the finished project was to have seven
bedrooms 15 bathrooms a fountain in the
driveway and a tennis court however in
1975 the Martins divorced and left the
castle unfinished over the years it
became a popular oddity and a roadside
photo-op for tourists and in 1988 Rex
Martin put it on the market but died
before it was sold so in 2003 the castle
was sold for 1.8 million dollars to
Thomas post a lawyer from Miami who
graduated from the University of
Kentucky and the name was changed to the
castle post it had then been for sale
for many years at a price rumored to be
more than three million dollars and
there had been talks that it would be
turned into a medieval-themed restaurant
or a museum there was even a rumor that
Lee Majors The Six Million Dollar Man
kids bought the place but that is just a
legend tragedy struck on May 10th, 2004
when after months of renovations the
newly installed woodwork and wiring
caught fire in the main building Mr.
post who was in Miami at the time had
already spent months renovating but
vowed to rebuild the re reconstruction
was completed in the fall of 2008 with
new additions including 12 luxury suites
in November 2010 the property was listed
for sale at 30 million dollars post said
he would continue to operate it as an
inn while it was listed it was sold in
today it operates as a bed-and-breakfast
and special functions facility focusing
on hosting special events weddings and
has an operational farm-to-table
restaurant inside the current owners are
very proud of what they have done with
this amazing Kentucky landmark and are
open to sharing it with the public
that’s why I can now offer you a tour
of the inside hi welcome to the Kentucky
castle let me show you around here just
a bit this is our main entrance so you
can pull up right in the round here and
walk right on in you’re gonna see our
you’re gonna see our main staircase here
this is where oftentimes if we’re doing
a wedding inside we will go ahead and
have the ceremony where the bride comes
down the stairs all the guests are
seated in this area this is also the
front desk the check-in desk for our
hotel if you follow me this way I’m
going to show you where our Grand
The ballroom is is the entrance here to
our Grand Ballroom is a popular
location for receptions for weddings
we also host our daddy-daughter dance in
In this area, we host murder mystery dinners
there’s a lot of different options that
can be found on our website
this can seat up to 120 people and if
you follow me now we will head into the
parlor you know see this is a nice open
space we can do smaller parties in here
we often do corporate functions in here
luncheons birthday parties it is
available for rent year-round it’s also
used in a junction to the ballroom
if you have a larger group you’re
required to rent this area as well to
support a bar or buffet any type of
setup like that so let’s go ahead and
step into one of our the library area
and also our gift shop this direction
this is the gift shop you’re gonna see
that we have some local wares here and
some memorabilia that you can purchase
from the Kentucky castle anything from
crowns to swords to dragons they also
have candles and pottery that are from
some local retailers so if you’ll follow
me I’ll take you upstairs and we’ll see
your room all right all right
just follow me in this direction already so
you can see we have a nice view right
over the balcony here you can look
down over our foyer
this is room 207 it’s one of our two
executive terrace suites and we do have
four total total suites are on the
outside that share a balcony with each
of the other rooms
as you can see this is set up for a
special event this evening so we’re
excited a lot of people come to
celebrate their anniversary we have a
a lot of birthday celebrations very very
great place for special occasions you
can see this has a sitting room as well
this is one of the towers that you can
see from the outside so the actual
turrets are all the way out here
let me show you the bathroom in here a
nice big open space alright now I’m
gonna take you up to my personal
favorite place that’s gonna be the
a rooftop that was a treat I didn’t
realize there was a rose-petal turndown
on that one
alright we’ll head out this direction
and then I’ll take you right up to the
roof this is one of our outside terraces
that’s shared by the presidential terror
Suites and also the executive Terrace
Suites as you can see we’ve got a nice
view right over the front fountain here
and right down on to us 60 all right as
you can see this is our rooftop this is
a great space we’ve got a bar set up
over here we’ve got some chairs set up
for a concert that’s happening tonight
now this space can accommodate up to 350
people it’s so beautiful it’s a
perfect space simply because you have
everything that you need up here we can
set up a bar we can you’ve got a
bathroom over in this corner you can
basically, come up here have a cocktail
hour watch the sunset sit down to dinner
never have to leave the rooftop it’s
really a fantastic place to be so you
can see the top of our tent there we’re
gonna be able to fit 500 people
underneath that tent believe it or not
so we can accommodate very very large
parties we’ve done that with several
corporate functions we also have you can
use that as a reception area for
weddings it’s just a really great spot
it’s also weather protected so if it
rains it’s a great spot to be alright
there’s some really special stuff to see
over this direction, if you look out here
you can see some white boxes the white
boxes that we have out here are
our bees our honeybees so they help us
to pollinate the garden that we could
that you can actually see right next to
that we are a farm-to-table restaurant
here at the Kentucky castle and
we’re proud to be able to grow a lot of
our ingredients right here on the farm
you can also see our chicken coop out
there we do have farm-fresh eggs for our
breakfast in the morning which is which
is definitely a great treat for our
guests that are here you can see our
a pool that’s here as well that’s for all
of our hotel guests it’s staying you’re
Welcome to use the area and enjoy that
pool so the bees yes people are welcome
to to look upon the bees yes but don’t
disturb the bees don’t disturb the bees
you pretty much want to let them be oh
boy alright I won’t leave you hanging on
that one okay calling the bluegrass
airport control tower yes hi Vince I was
planning on flying a drone at the
Kentucky castle it’ll be under a hundred
feet is that okay okay
hello it’ll be under 100 feet I’m FAA
certified insured and all that stuff I’m
just gonna fly a little bit one-two let
you guys know and see if it’s if it’s
okay yep okay wonderful thank you thanks
for call all right buh-bye

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