From Lynching Trees to Phantom Figures: An Unearthly Exploration of Owensboro

Tours began in 2007. They consist of extensive research and repeated interviews. This tour stands out and is unique from others because Owensboro, being a river town, is replete with history and folklore. The buildings converse with you due to their character and uniqueness. As an interpreter, I’m akin to a fly on the wall, capturing stories that these structures would tell if they could talk. The houses and buildings chosen for the tour were picked not only because of their location but also because they’re steeped in stories.

When selecting these particular places, I aimed for those close enough to each other to keep the tour within two hours. Furthermore, I wanted to include buildings with unique characters and historical significance, not just stories. Thus, I knew which buildings I desired and which I didn’t; most had compelling narratives. Even if someone doesn’t believe in ghosts, I recommend they go on this tour. They’ll learn history but also experience folklore and educational history with a touch of physical activity. It caters to all, from skeptics and non-believers to believers.

The tour starts at the Crim Coffee House at 107 East Second Street. We discuss the Crim itself, which has many haunting stories upstairs, and the building next door, The Crown. A young girl who worked in the coffee shop later rented the suite above the Crim, adjacent to The Crown. She recounted her chilling experiences of paranormal activities.

Next, we visit the Bistro, a famous restaurant on Second Street with a multitude of historical ghost stories. I recently moved above the restaurant and have heard of numerous encounters there. Although I haven’t personally experienced anything, other people have reported seeing a tall black figure walking across the room.

From there, we make our way to the back of the courthouse, rich with the history of the notorious lynching tree where two men, Dick May and Altoid, were hanged. We proceed to the theatre workshop, reportedly one of the most haunted spots in the tri-state area. Many unexplained incidents, such as doors opening and closing on their own, have happened here.

Our last stop is the Bluegrass Museum, where an officer and his partner had an extraordinary experience. During a thunderstorm, the museum’s alarm went off, prompting the officers to inspect the place. What ensued was a series of unusual occurrences that left them bewildered.

Overall, my tours are both historical and educational, blending lessons in history, folklore, and encounters with the paranormal. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this tour will make you reconsider your stance.

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