Haunts of Owensboro, KY

Tours began in 2007 it consists of me doing a lot of research and a lot of interviewing people over and over again what makes this tour stand out and unique from other tours is owensboro being a river talent is full and enriched of history and full enrich of folklore and the building’s itself almost like they almost talked to you yeah I have a character a uniqueness if everybody could talk I can only imagine what these buildings would say and that’s kind of what I’m here for I am in a way interpretive I am that fly on the wall the houses and buildings are chosen on the tour because of location when I chose these particular places not only location but they were so enriched with character and with stories a lot of stories and so I knew I had to have buildings that weren’t you know I didn’t want one one place and then another one five blocks down the road I had to have close enough to where it was gonna last about two hours long these places I wanted enriched stories I want his house and buildings with characters not just with the stories but inside outside the look of him I want a historical look to them and so I knew what I was going into when I was going into this I knew which buildings I wanted in which the buildings I did not want because the most of them all have their unique stories to them if somebody does not believe in ghosts I still recommend him to go on this tour because they will not only get history but they’ll get folklore they’ll get a educational folklore history and you’ll get physical activity as well so it covers all grounds in all areas from the sceptics non-believers to the believers what happens on the tour is we start at the Crim copy house the Crim coffee house is at 107 East second Street we start there and we talk about not only the Crim itself which has many haunting stories upstairs but we also talk about the building next door which is the crown one of the young girls that worked in the coffee shop later rented the suite over top of the cram and which is adjacent to the crown I went in and asked her how she liked living up there and she said oh it’s wonderful it’s a beautiful place she said but we have company and so I kinda I knew what was coming and I so tell me about your company and she said well you know that they had a young young child and he said his toys would go off in the middle of the night you know the that’s lost squeaky things and the battery power and they were just ding and they would go and turn him off they’d come back on and and she said and at one point they looked into the I guess it was like a storage area that’s up there and there was a dark figure standing there that just kind of emerged into the wall into the crown we go to the Bistro the next stop the famous Bistro is a restaurant right that are on Second Street that has many historical haunted ghost stories that go way back I’ve recently moved above the restaurant real long commute to work you know so basically I’ve heard stories and heard of many people having experiences up there I haven’t really had anything myself but I’ve had a couple different times to different people actually they would see a tall black guy walk across the room and it was to the point where hey where’d your friend go I wouldn’t have any clue what they were talking about and it’s happened twice with two different people that don’t know each other would make a big circle to where we go to the back of the courthouse and talk about the enriched history about the lynching tree gentleman named dick May was hanged back there another one named Altoid was hanging back there then we go to the theatre workshop where we get to actually go inside not only does people get to have the experience of going inside an actual place which is rare for a lot of these tours when I’ve been on them at least and this is reportedly one of the most haunted spots in the tri-state we were back in the green room it was after a rehearsal we were just sitting around talking and we hear a sound at the back door everybody turns to look to see who’s coming in because as far as we know nobody has a key to it that back door swings open closed and there’s nobody there then a door that sits at a 45-degree angle to it the door to the back basement opens and closes nobody was there about 15 minutes later it happens in Reverse the basement door opens and closes the back door opens and closes and we decide it’s time to go home it was storming and lightning and thundering and I went back into the green room and I was the only one in there and then like thunder I just crashed and the lights flickered and I looked up and the backdoor just flung open so I’m like no big deal so I shut the door and I sat back down and I was on my phone and then it happened again and the lights went off and they went on just a few times and I looked up and the electricity panel it was closed it just opened just ever so slowly opened activities going on downstairs in the basement activities such as doors closing and you could definitely hear things moving and we were sitting there just staring at each other because we knew we were the only ones here unexplained I definitely so but we went investigated and found nothing the last stop is the Bluegrass Museum where an officer and his partner had a very unique experience it was probably on nine o’clock at night there were thunderstorms rolling through the area which you know ordinarily whenever we have thunderstorms it sets off a lot of alarms and that’s what happened this night at the bluegrass museum was the alarm was going off and we were sent to check it out make sure the place was not being broken into we walked through the building just looking at everything we decided to go back down to the to the ground floor where the video cameras are and we’re looking at screen and there’s nothing in there moving I kind of take my eyes off the monitor for a minute just to sort of you know think what’s our next move what are we gonna do at that point officer Mulligan and the the keyholder both react to something and he says what was that and I turn out look and on one of the particular screens you see just a shadow had gone across I didn’t see it but that he had told me he said something went across there he said the shadow went across it and I said where is that where is that screen where’s that camera and the key holder at this point I’ll tell you she she just doesn’t it’s like she’s you know seized up she doesn’t want to speak she says she finally other she says it’s right behind us on the other side of this wall and so I go one way the other officer goes the other way we get in there and there’s just nothing there we go back to near the elevator the mechanical room which is where her alarm system controls are we start hearing a noise like a mechanical noise and after what it was and she says that’s the elevator moving you know she indicated that this is the type of elevator stays on the first floor unless it’s summoned somewhere else by pushing a button and it’s moving and so I think okay just got you know we just figured out how this guy was doing this he’s taking the elevator when we’re on the stairs and vice-versa and you see the you know that the lights changing it’s on the third floor next thing you know it’s on the second floor and I mean when it came down to the first floor and the doors open we’re both you know guns out you know waiting for whatever’s on there and the doors open and there’s nothing on there just as the doors open just this kind of like you just felt this temperature just kind of drop just come out and hey buddy you know a hair on the back here next and the chills you know all that kind of thing my tours are very historical and educational too but I just kind of wanted to put the education the history and ghost itself all together and that’s how it get formed I guarantee you that if you’re not a believer goes after this tour you will be

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