Top Haunted Places in Kentucky 2022

Haunted Places in Kentucky
Haunted Places in Kentucky

Kentucky is very popular due to its expansive green horse pastures, awesome outdoor adventure, and world-renowned bourbon. However, if you are a keen observer, you will notice that the region has real haunted houses, paranormal activities, and earth-bound ghosts.

Regardless of the fact that you can always find a ghost in Kentucky, the notion mostly comes alive in October during the Halloween period. There are numerous locations around Kentucky where a compelling evidence of the afterlife has been captured as listed below.

Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium – Louisville

This is considered to be one of the United States most haunted place and is believed to be spiritually active. This house used to be a family home in the 1880s and later started hosting tuberculosis patients as of 1912 when this disease was spreading like wildfire. Notably, the disease had no cure, and thus it led to massive loss of lives. As such, it was labeled the white death with an estimate of 63,000 in about 50 years. These bodies were disposed of using death tunnels to ensure that the patients were not aware of how many had perished. According to visitors, there are sounds of footsteps, slamming doors, and the smell of freshly baked bread which leads to the conclusion that the house is haunted.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World – Newport

This is the most popular haunted places in KY. Its basement was originally a slaughterhouse and had a sealed well which was used to wash the blood from slaughtered animals. Reportedly, this place is haunted by a headless woman and her two devil worshiping killers who had been hanged. Also, there are claims that a dance hall girl who had killed herself haunts the premises.

Mammoth Cave

The mammoth cave is associated with numerous hauntings and ghost stories, and it is possibly the largest haunted place in the world. According to detailed historical reports, the early cave dwellers buried their dead in this place. Visitors report that there mysterious movements, ghostly apparitions, and strange sounds emanating from the cave which has led to the rumor that it is haunted.

Historic Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast – Bardstown

This is the oldest operating jail complex around Kentucky which held inmates from 1797-1987. It had some upper floors which used to be the dungeons of the old Nelson County Jail where violent criminals used to be shackled on the floor. According to visitors, there are sounds of footsteps within the premises, whispering, occasional piano plays, and baby cries. This shows that there are incarcerated souls within the building.

The Old Talbott Tavern – Bardstown

This is one of the oldest stagecoach stops in the United States which had hosted some of the most famous visitors such as Abe Lincoln and Daniel Boone. On the other hand, the most infamous visitor was Jesse James. Currently, the place is believed to be haunted by a mysterious woman since doors close and open at their own accord and furniture moves without being touched.

The Brown Hotel – Louisville

This was a four-star hotel which visitors starting from the 1920s to 1770s. After the death of its founder, John Graham Brown, the facility was renovated and reopened one decade later. However, the staff started reporting paranormal activities whereby the elevator used to frequently stop on the 15th floor which was the residence of Graham and his dog.

The Dupont Mansion – Louisville

This is an elegant three-story Victorian mansion which used to be the home of wealthy industrialist brothers Alfred DuPont and Biederman in the 1870s. After Alfred’s mistress got pregnant in 893, he tried to send her away, but she instead shot and killed him. Despite the fact that the family covered up this story, it is believed that Alfred constantly haunts them.

Historic Maple Hill Manor Bed & Breakfast – Springfield

This is a historic Greek revival plantation which was built by slaves in 1851 for the family of Thomas McElroy. Some of the survivors of the Civil war battle were believed to fight nearby the premises and were brought inside to recover, but there are those who succumbed from their wounds. There are reports that footsteps are heard in the hallways which could be spirits of the civil war soldiers and the house owner.

Liberty Hall – Frankfort

As one of Kentucky’s first senators, John Brown built this family home in Frankfort. There is a large list of people who have lived and died in this premises starting from slave to John’s relatives. The current reports suggest that there are three spirits that in a state of unrest and they haunt the premises. Doors and windows are said to be opened and closed by a woman wearing gray who is believed to be Margaret Varick who had traveled to attend a relative’s funeral only to succumb to a heart attack after the trip.

Kentucky State Penitentiary – Eddyville

This is a phenomenal prison which was built in 1866 making it the oldest prison in this state. The facility was designed to hold inmates, but some spirits also made it their residence. The conditions inside are horrific due to its age. Also, there are reports of footsteps and disembodied screams.

Camp Taylor – Louisville

Camp Taylor qualifies to be the second most haunted places in KY. Most soldiers died in this camp due to Tuberculosis, and their spirits are believed to be in a state of unrest. According to visitors, their bodies are seen marching in the streets and fields.

Cave Hill Cemetery – Louisville

This is the resting place of most famous Kentucky residents such as the Frito Lay magician, Colonel Harland Sanders, and Mohammed Ali. These gardens were supposed to be the resting place of upper-class citizens and soldiers. Currently, it is common to hear unexplained footsteps from time to time which makes it a haunted ground.

Old Louisville – Louisville

This neighborhood used to feature beautiful French, Georgian, and Revival gardens which was loved by residents too much to the point that they choose to hand around after death. There are reports that an old woman is constantly spotted turning into a black cat.

Pope Lick Monster – Fisherville

This place has lured unsuspecting people to their deaths according to the locals. The suspected unrestful spirit is believed to either be a circus train wreck victim or a local goat farmer who tortured his goats for devilish purposes. The spirit mimics the voice of children calling for help to lure people into its traps.

Grandview Cemetery – Elizabethtown

The graveyard is located in Hardin County, and it reportedly hosts shadow creatures and spirits. Visitors claim that dogs and other pets meet their untimely deaths in this place, so it is advisable to leave them behind every time you are visiting.

The Seelbach Hotel


This is a high-end hotel based in Louisville. It is famous due to its elegant Art Deco décor. However it is believed to be haunted by the former patron Patricia Wilson Mrs. Wilson threw herself down the elevator shaft after finding out that her husband had committed suicide.

The Louisville Palace Theater – Louisville

Reportedly this house is haunted by Mr. Frisch who was the chief engineer of the Loews United Artists Theater. He died of heart attack at the basement of the house on 1965, but his ghost roams around his office constantly

Perryville Battlefield – Perryville

This is one of the historic battlefields where thousands of young soldiers lost their lives. The amount of pain emanating from that battle is believed to have made some spirits stay in the state of unrest, and they constantly visit the grassy fields.

Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond

This is believed to be one of the most haunted campuses in the United States with reports saying that a naked woman has constantly been spotted roaming around the building.

Paramount Art Center – Ashland

This is a historic art-deco performance venue in Kentucky which is home to Paramount Joe, a construction worker in the 1940s. He is believed to haunt the place, and several ghost stories are associated with him.

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