Exploring a Haunted House in Walton, Kentucky: Uncovering Dark Secrets

Okay, YouTube, we are in Walton, Kentucky, and we found this house on the internet. It is supposed to be haunted, and there are several stories about it. I will put a link in the description so you can read about it, as I don’t want to get any details mixed up. But what’s really cool is that the Boo team is here with me, and we are checking out this place. Let’s see if the camera can pick up anything spooky. Take a look!

Oh, but anyway, one story goes that a guy killed his wife and children in this house. There’s a big bloodstain on the floor over there, and another one over there. I don’t think I’m going to walk around too much because it’s unsafe. The story goes that this guy killed his wife and children, but I don’t know how true it is. Like I said, I’ll put the link in the description. It’s very unsafe in here, with holes in the floor and all. Yeah, the carpet gives a false sense of security.

We drove almost two and a half hours to get here. There was a bridge down in Cincinnati on I-75 north and southbound, and fire trucks were blocking the road. I’m not sure what was going on, but it caused a big traffic jam. Let’s hope I can get past this bird attacking me and continue exploring.

Now we’re heading down into the basement. There’s a sign that says “Don’t Enter.” Should we? Oh, there are the pretty ladies. Hi, girls! We found a big vulture up in the house, but it didn’t move. I walked right under it, and it just walked around a little bit. Maybe it’s a baby. Is there a floor safe in there? Absolutely not! Just take pictures from a safe distance. I wouldn’t go any farther than the door, as floors tend to magically fall through.

Anyway, back to the haunted thing, YouTube. I don’t know how true the stories are, like I said. I should have brought the night vision camera, darn it! Sorry, I forgot it again. There’s a crawl space where the animals won’t come out and get me. Damn it! Yeah, they had a write-up about the haunted stories, like him killing his wife and kids, or going out to the barn and killing a horse or something. I’m going to try to get down to the barn, but it’s overgrown out here, so the footage might not look great. Let’s go up here.

Okay, there’s Poo Bear taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me. That makes sense. I’ll get your photo too. It looks blurry in here, and I can’t see where the bird went. Oh well, let’s not mess with him. He’s not a friendly pet, ladies. But this is the house, and I guess they will put a link below that provides the stories. So, we’re going to explore. I went to the basement already, and now I’m going to try to make my way down to the barn.

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