okay YouTube we are in Walton Kentucky and we found this house on the internet it is supposed to be haunted are several stories I will put a link to this place so you can read about it because I don’t want to get anything all messed up but what’s really cool is boo team up here and seeing this see if this camera will pick it up check it out you think oh but anyway I know one story goes that a guy had killed his wife and children here well big on the floor and another big horn four over there so I don’t think I’m gonna walk around here too much but set up that guy killed his wife and children here and I don’t know if that’s a baby or what oh he’s looking at me but I don’t know how true the story is like I said I’ll put the link in the description very unsafe in here another home for another home for of course the ceilings you guys can see that pretty unsafe in here I don’t know if that’s a baby vulture the wood but you know all the animals in here this what’s the bathroom looks I can’t walk around too much YouTube because they don’t fall through the floor like of course that is just T totally unsafe so I don’t know all that poop in here yeah carpet there’s carpet there gives you a false sense of security but we drove and now I’m gonna have to get her actually it took us almost two and a half hours they had to bridge down in Cincinnati when i-75 north and southbound fire trucks and I don’t know what was going on but they have it all shut down so let’s if I get the test past this bird getting attacked and we’ll go down the base my didn’t want to go down under steps there so there’s that bad room we just pointed into this way and we’ve got we’re heading down in here guys so we’ve got it says don’t enter should we there’s the pretty ladies hi girls snap – what’d you find up in that house a big vulture and it didn’t move and not move I walked right under him he just walked around a little bit teddy yeah but he’s got that fluff around his head so he might be a baby is he is a floor safe in there no absolutely not so just take pictures from I wouldn’t go through I did but if I was you what happens on floors just kind of magically fall through no you felt through the floor joists the core did not came in so I wouldn’t go any more than farther than the door but anyway back to the haunted thing you too yeah I don’t know true it is like I said but I should have brought the night vision damn it I’m sorry forgot it again there’s a crawl space for the animals won’t come out and get me now so but damn it yeah they had a write-up about at night on a couple of different stories about him killing his wife and kids or going out to the barn and killing uh we looked down this way I guess the stairs would have been wearing and killed a horse or something which I’m gonna try to get down to the barn but it’s really over growing out here so the interest shot it’s not gonna look very good let’s go up here okay there’s poo bear taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me that makes sense I’ll get your wrote to you there with you it looks blurry in here I can’t tell where bird go you don’t know well let’s not mess with him no he’s not a pet ladies okay but this is the house I guess they will put a link down below that gives the stories and so we’re going to I did the basement I’m going to try to get making my way down to the bar

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