Haunted House in Kentucky

we’re in Kentucky where we’ve been hunting for ghosts I’ve actually heard some girls under say that uh ghosts come out in the rainy more so we’re really lucky that we’re doing this tonight last night the rational part of my mind gave way to fear I only got about an hour of sleep as I was picturing the ax murdering ghosts that the psychic told me about now we were just doing an experiment in a rental house I think we’re here but we’re on our way to meet with a mother and daughter who have a lot more at stake as they’re being terrorized in their own home so can you tell me some of the things that you’ve seen or felt in this house I know when I’m in my room I hear something hallway constantly I hear footsteps and I hear voices coming from hallway as well and I’ll be sitting in my room somewhere and I’ll hear something call my name and actually just the other day again I was taking a bath and someone starts banging on the door and I first I thought it’s my boyfriend is picking on me trying to scare me or something because it was like shaking the door it was hitting it so hard and then after I start hollering a sign to stop I realized that he was in the bedroom he’d been asleep so he wasn’t knocking on the mower and everybody else is upstairs asleep and it was it housed him after he moved into this house it he started seeing things Gabby and it all started pretty much when we moved here but it was little stuff just like bunch of the night or nothing you can really justify as being paranormal but it gradually started getting worse when did it suck anyways we had some activity right before my dad passed and then right after I got even worse what what happened can you tell me a little bit what happened to your husband we thought he was going to work one day and because his pickup truck was going and later on that night we found his pickup truck in the garage and he was in it and it was still running me and the garage locked up and when we found him he was dead he committed says yes he committed suicide I still can’t understand what happened while I until what he did after he passed like things would be obviously from him like the radio turned online to be playing with his favorite song it was pretty obvious who that was from but then things have been happening recently they’re not really having relation because it doesn’t have anything to do with like something that would be coming from him would you say that you sort of live in constant fear we do how do you get away from it you can’t I’m scared there’s no help for this kind of phenomenon or whatever you call it there’s no help what do you do I can’t help but wonder if Gabby and Juanita’s tragic loss is somehow contributing to what they’re experiencing in their home

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