Spectral Footprints: Exploring the Paranormal with Patti Starr

I’ve been fascinated by ghost hunting since a young age, triggered by personal experiences of seeing, hearing, and even smelling spirits. My curiosity sparked an extensive exploration, and over time, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about life from the dead. I’m Patti Starr, a certified ghost hunter, and for over 40 years, I’ve been hunting ghosts across three different countries and 26 states in the United States. I want you to know that my intention is not to impress but to share the breadth of my experiences collecting evidence of ghosts and spirits.

Tonight, I’ve brought along a few tools, including EMF meters and a recorder, to capture some paranormal activity. These tools aid us in communicating with the spirits during our walks.

We’re currently standing on the steps of the Carnegie Building, once a library. This was the first library built west of the Allegheny in 1905, functioning as a library until 1989. While introducing the Carnegie Center, I saw a man in the window one evening. He seemed to be communicating with me, a hint for me to pay attention. When I announced this to the group, they, too, saw him, and we started taking pictures. Strangely, only my camera captured his face. This reinforces the idea that spirits sometimes only appear to a specific individual, connecting with the person holding the camera.

Later, I identified the man in the window as a regular library visitor who used to read his newspaper there daily. I’ll share more of his story when we reach the body block house.

As we continue our walk, I’d like to point out that we’ll cross over to the other side at the end of this walkway. This area is said to be haunted by a lady named Minnie. Minnie and her husband, Waller, owned this place from 1914 to 1970. Minnie had a peculiar rule – she never allowed alcohol in her house. Waller, an orthopedic surgeon, would sneak off to the library with his flask of bourbon wrapped in a newspaper.

It turns out the man I saw in the library window was Waller. After he revealed his name to me, I found his picture online and it matched the face I had captured.

Over time, I began to share my experiences, wanting others to have tangible interactions with the paranormal. I began utilizing equipment like the EMF meter and started noticing anomalies and apparitions in my pictures. My hope is that sharing these experiences can open minds to the possibility of spirits, ghosts, fairies, and more.

I ask you all to come closer now, as I attempt to make contact with Minnie. If you’re here with us, Minnie, can you validate your presence by beeping once for yes?

Having grown up with paranormal activity as a norm, my childhood experiences led to my current career. Now, I ask the spirits, can you beep slowly to indicate how many are with us?

We’re currently standing at the John Hunt Morgan house. John was the first artificial millionaire in Lexington, an enslaver who purchased a young girl named Bouvier James, who later became a beloved nanny for his children. John once bought Mam Bette, as she was affectionately known, a pair of red shoes, which she wore all the time and was even buried in. When we took a picture here, we noticed a red color that looked like the toe of a shoe, which we believe could be a sign of Mam Bette’s presence.

Through these experiences, I hope to spark interest and curiosity about the paranormal and help people understand the significance of these energies in our daily lives. Understanding and embracing the unknown can indeed enrich our lives.

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