Downtown Lexington’s Haunted History with Patti Starr

I started ghost hunting at a really young age I guess it was because I was so curious at what was happening to me I was able to see spirits hear spirits smell spirits so as I grew older I just started trying to research which was very difficult because at the time there was nothing written about code so I just kinda had to learn from experience I tell people that have learned more about life from the dead then I have the living my name is Patti Starr and I am a genuine certified ghost hunter and I’ve been ghost hunting over 40 years I’ve actually been fortunate enough to go stunt in three different countries and 26 different states in the United States now that’s not to impress you but just to impress upon you the vast experience that I’ve had in collecting evidence that there’s a possibility of ghosts and spirits so hopefully tonight on the wall I’ve got a few instruments EMF meters recorder and hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to get some type of activity we don’t get it on every walk I wish we did but basically with these instruments we just might be able to communicate just a little bit deeper with the spirits while we’re walking around we are now standing on the steps of the Carnegie building but at one time this was actually the library and what’s really exciting is this was a very first library built west of the Allegheny it was actually built in 1905 and it was an operating library until about 1989 I think it was one evening while I was doing my intro here at the Carnegie center right before the walk started I kind of got some information to look up look at me that type of thing I did I looked up over in the window in the corner I could see this man looking back at me and his mouth was moving as if he was talking to me trying to give me information that happens sometimes that then that’s a indication for me to pay attention so I broke away from the intro looked up at him and I was listening couldn’t hear a whole lot but then I told the group that was on the ghost walk I said you’re not going to believe this but there’s a man in the window so they all got up and they look and they could see him we were very excited so we all started taking pictures but I was the only one that actually captured his faith and that’s kind of weird they’ve always asked how come sometimes the spirits will only appear in one camera and I think that’s just a connection that they have with whoever the camera so I took his picture and then I begin to listen and think about the picture and I got a name so I went to the computer it was later was it that day but later I went to the computer looked up the name and I found his face and it looked the same I was really excited because I discovered that the man in the window used to come to the library almost every day to read his newspaper and I’ll tell you more of that story when we get to the body block house we’re going to continue our walk but I did want to point out one thing I’m going to ask you to pay very close attention to this we’re going to walk all the way down to the end of this walkway once we get to the end of the walkway we’re all going to cross over to the other side there is a lady that haunts this place her name is Minnie Minnie about this place her and her husband Waller about this place in 1914 and they lived here until 1970 so she was a very peculiar type of personality and one of her quirks was that there would never be alcohol served in her house well even her husband was not even allowed to partake so her husband was an orthopedic surgeon when Waller would get home in the afternoon he would take his flask unbeknownst to many fill it full of bourbon wrap it in the newspaper and then he would go over to the library and he would say to her as he left I’m going to the library Minnie I’ll be there for a while and he would partake in his bourbon and read the newspaper okay remember earlier when the fella was speaking to me I thought the library window at the time I didn’t know his name but he said his name I looked it up and that is Waller coming through and I think he was saying you know for the last two years you talked about many but you’ve never really talked about me so now we can talk about him after we see his picture in the window and then I looked it up on the internet and it matches they have to be this or this if they’re over here it’s not going to go out there too far I think I started out about wanting to be able to throw something to share my experience with others but it would have to be something that they get either feel or touch themselves so I got acquainted with different equipment like the EMF meter electromagnetic field meter I start in I’m noticing with my pictures and I would capture things in the picture different types of anomalies and apparition so I thought if I could take some of this and share it the pictures that type of thing then it might open other other people’s minds into the possibility of spirits and ghosts and fairies or whatever that’s out there okay can you come a little bit closer and that way I think oh thank you thank you so much oh okay I’ve got both of you going I want to make sure I have mini with me tonight can you validate by beeping once for yes I say what just beat for yes do not beat for yes okay thank you now many a lot of times when I cross the street you won’t follow me you’ll stop so we’re gonna cross the street and I’ll see if you stopped okay all right let’s go well to be honest with you paranormal to me was normal when I was little I would have sometimes at night I would wake up and there’d be a light in my room and I’d look around I’d be these little kids faces around my bed and I remember telling my mom about it it frightened my mother a little bit and she was like no you don’t hear voices you don’t see anything you were probably still in a dream and I’m like no I don’t think so mama I mean these are these are pretty real to me and she says no I promise you this is just something that’s it’s like a fantasy I knew then that what was happening was not so normal so I guess that’s why I became more interested in the paranormal now would you beep out very slowly how many are with us and please make it very slow I got six so now we’re standing at the John Hunt Morgan house John Hunt Morgan was the very first man-made millionaire here in Lexington and west of Alleghenies a lot of firsts for Lexington now John Wesley Hunt was also a slave owner and he bought a slave very young girl at the time her name was Bouvier James and she was asked to be the nanny to the children and she lived for a very long time as a matter of fact she would when she died she’d be more like a great-great-grandmother that type of thing now when John Wesley hunt would go to market he would say to mam Bette was her name and the little cousins that would come and visit cutter Eddy and he would say to mam bet what would you like for me to bring back and a lot of times it would be a purse or it would be a parasol or a hat but on this particular occasion she said she wanted a pair of red shoes and he brought her back a pair of red shoes and it was noted that she wore those red shoes all the time and I also learned later that when she was buried she was buried in the red shoes and when we took a picture we got the red looks like the toe of a shoe so we started checking to make sure that no one in the crowd had like a red jacket on or a red purse or anything red that got in the way of the film and there wasn’t this is what I hope they take with them first of all I hope that I have in some way maybe make things a little more inquisitive for them like could they really because was that voice really from the beyond and also it helps us to realize that if we can relate k-r embrace this energy that we don’t fully understand I think that it just enriches our lives to be able to learn other things and how important energies are and how energies will work with us on a day-to-day investment

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