Discovering Kentucky’s Hidden Gem: The Blue Hole Water Pool at Lost River Cave

Did you know that there’s an underground pool hiding in Kentucky? Located in Bowling Green, the Blue Hole water pool at Lost River Cave is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This seven-mile-long river flows mostly underground, beginning outside the cave and disappearing under an extensive cavern. With a history dating back over 10,000 years, Lost River Cave has served many purposes, including being an underground nightclub known as Cavern Nite Club.

The “blue hole” is the most notable section of the river and is a shockingly blue pool that is 16 feet deep. It’s the starting point for tours, giving guests a preview of the brilliant blue subterranean waters that await them. Exploring Lost River Cave by boat is one of the coolest cave tours in Kentucky and should definitely be on every explorer’s bucket list.

Even today, Lost River Cave continues to be a unique and captivating subterranean events venue, hosting everything from galas to yoga classes. The remnants of the old nightclub can still be seen, with staircases and chandeliers adding to the cave’s enchanting ambiance. With twinkle lights and the glassy Blue Pool, it’s hard to imagine a more magical cave experience in Kentucky!

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