Delight In Next-Level Glamping In An Impossibly Lovely Airstream Camper At This Kentucky Campground

Kentucky Lake is a popular destination for all sorts of leisure, from boating and kayaking to fishing and outdoor camping. We like the outdoor camping at Kentucky Lake, as the surrounding surroundings in this part of the Bluegrass is nothing brief of incredible. And if you’re seeking to immerse yourself in this resplendent region in style, there’s no much better campground than Kentucky Lake Glamping With 7 impossibly captivating airstream campers from which to pick, you’ll have the most wonderful night ever when you remain at this Kentucky camping site.

There’s absolutely nothing like collecting ’round the campfire for a night under the stars. Unless …

… you’re gathering ’round the campfire for a night in a charming vintage camper!

Welcome to Kentucky Lake Glamping, the most impossibly charming, completely located glampground in the state.

Ideal for outdoorsy folks who choose indoorsy sleeping plans, Kentucky Lake Glamping has 7 vintage campers that have been converted into the most enchanting dwellings you’ve ever seen.

These charming campers have a variety of functions and features and are a special way to experience the Outdoors … inside.

All vintage campers are outfitters with luxurious linens and comfortable beds, Wifi, hearting and A/C, and functional kitchen spaces with appliances like ovens, coffee makers, and toasters.

A beautiful on-site bathhouse indicates no “roughing it” when nature calls; and believe us when we state this is the nicest camping site bathhouse we have actually ever seen! A large shower head will feel downright elegant after a day roaming the wilds of the Bluegrass State.

There’s even a laundry room (readily available for a nominal cost) at the camping area, so you can feel fresh and tidy all throughout your stay!

Obviously, a lot more than these impossibly captivating digs, the genuine draw of this camping area in Kentucky is its prime place on the lake. Kentucky Lake Glamping is located in the back of Blood River, and you truly will not find better “lakeside outdoor camping” in the Bluegrass State. It’s secluded, yet practical.

As the sun sets next to your cute residence, you’ll be counting your fortunate stars to be experiencing such a perfect night in Kentucky.

Lovable digs, glamorous facilities, and sublime scenery? Sign us up! See Kentucky Lake Glamping to discover more and reserve your airstream camper!

Address: 45 Riverside Rd, New Concord, KY 42076, U.S.A.

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