Cross Wooden Bridges And Ogle Real-Life Giants On This Fairy Tale Trail In Kentucky

Found just outside Bardstown in Central Kentucky, Bernheim Arboretum is among those impossibly gorgeous locations that appear too spectacular to be genuine.

Bernheim Forest is among the top outdoor locations for Kentucky nature fans, home to a world-class arboretum, numerous trekking trails, canopy tree walk, epic children’s playscape, and more.

You can check out over 16,000 acres of natural beauty at this beautiful nursery for an enchanting escape from nature. In addition, it’s home to 8,000 distinct ranges of trees and more flora and fauna to count.

And a couple of years ago, this location handled an even more wonderful and alluring intrigue with the arrival of three epic forest giants.

For its 90th anniversary, Bernheim Arboretum invited Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist, to develop three forest giants: Mama Loumari and her two children. These whimsical giants have ended up being iconic Kentucky media events and are fantastic to see face to face. Quickly viewable using the two-mile, out-and-back Forest Giants Trail, there’s nothing like this fairy tale trail in Kentucky.

But the important thing is that Bernheim Forest does not require these enthralling forest giants to be excellent. On the contrary, it’s naturally splendiferous all on its own; a place where, if ever there were a location in Kentucky where enchanted, kindhearted beings existed, would be it.

Genuinely, have you ever seen a location so beautiful in its pure, natural appeal?

Come and roam the fairy tale trail at this beautiful Kentucky park. Take in the landscape, the abundant wildlife, the unfitted beauty, and the magic.

These whimsical giants have become a renowned Kentucky image op and are lovely to see in person. Quickly viewable via the two-mile, out-and-back Forest Giants Trail, there’s nothing like this fairy tale trail in Kentucky.

Wander the fairy and come-tale path at this stunning Kentucky park.

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