Choosing Your Next Bedroom Suite

Your bedroom is probably one of the areas in your home that you spend the most time in. Don’t settle for subpar furnishings that aren’t comfortable or that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Shop around for furniture from a business that sells high end and unique pieces that are affordable, durable, and stylish.

Decide What You Need

Inside of a furniture shop, you will be greeted with many options and this could be somewhat confusing if you haven’t decided what pieces you are going to purchase and the amount of money that you have allotted for the new furnishings.

Organize the shopping trip beforehand by taking the time to explore furniture options and create a list of the pieces that you need, the amount that you can afford to spend on each one, and any unique features that you would like the furniture to possess.

Look inside of your bedroom and take inventory of the possessions that you already own. Are any of the furnishings in decent shape and suitable to use along with the new items that you plan to purchase? If you own nightstands or an ottoman, for instance, and the furniture will work well with the theme that you have decided upon, then there is no reason to toss the furniture away and replace it with other items.

The bed will be the focal point of the room and once you decide upon this piece, you can buy other pieces that will be complementary to it. If you like contemporary items, choose a bed style that contains sleek lines and that is a light or vibrant color. If rustic furnishings are more favorable to you, a bed that contains a wooden frame and that showcases the knots in the wood will be symbolic of the style that you prefer.

If you are a fan of the ocean and often fantasize about laying on the beach while you hear the waves crossing the shoreline, a Mediterranean theme may be of interest. A bed that has an aqua or turquoise frame will complement potted foliage, tropical prints, and additional decor items that are ocean-related.

Take Your Finances Into Consideration

If you have decided to give your bedroom a complete makeover, you are probably going to need to invest quite a bit of money, unless you are somewhat handy and have some creative strategies that can be used to repurpose some of the items that you already own.

Even though purchasing bedroom furniture can set you back financially, you can find great deals if you choose to purchase secondhand pieces or items that were featured during a previous season and are now marked down. If you don’t have much money saved for new furnishings, consider purchasing one piece at a time. Choose a bed as your initial purchase and strive to save money on a regular basis so that you can pick up additional pieces from time-to-time.

As long as you are adamant about the budget that you have allotted, you won’t feel defeated after your shopping trip and will likely be optimistic about what you have purchased. If your significant other or a loved one has a keen eye for stylish pieces that are a bargain, bring them along with you when you shop for your new furniture.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a second opinion and if the person who you bring with you will be sharing the furnishings with you, you will be assured that both of you are in agreement of making the purchases. Everyone deserves to have a comfortable and stylish bedroom and if you are married or live with your partner, they will appreciate that you are seeking their input before choosing to purchase any new items for your home.

Consider The Size And Functionality Of The Furnishings

The amount of space that you have is one of the most important things to consider. If you have a large bedroom, a couple pieces of furniture will not do the room justice. The idea is to fill the space, but to keep it organized at the same time. A small bedroom may only possess enough room for a bed, chest of drawers, and a small chair. This is perfectly fine and there is no reason to buy many items that will overpower a specific part of the room.

If clothing, cosmetics, and footwear seem to be taking up most of the space in the room, then maybe some functional pieces of furniture that contain drawers or storage compartments will help you contain the items so that they are neatly arranged. A platform bed that contains drawers or shelves will allow you to maintain a simplistic appearance without needing to get rid of the items that you already own.

Storage drawers and shelving units can be concealed if you choose a furniture style that contains basic trim or hidden compartments. Another option is to purchase an organizational tool for your closet. This product is designed to increase the amount of space that you have and will still keep your garments at your fingertips so that you can easily find the items that you would like to wear.

As for the size of the furnishings, choose pieces that are on scale with the size of the room. A large, king-sized bed that contains a canopy might look intriguing and seem to be the ‘perfect’ piece of furniture, but it won’t be as appealing to you if you are barely able to fit it inside of your bedroom. Less is more when it comes to being short on space and you can still attain the look that you desire by choosing smaller pieces that are more basic in style.

Clean Your Bedroom And Acquire Measurements

Clean your room and remove any items that you do not plan on keeping after you have purchased new furniture. A neat and tidy space will allow you to visualize how much room you have to work with. Use a measuring tape to acquire the measurements of the hallway and door that leads to your bedroom. When you look at furniture at a store, compare the measurements that you acquired while at home with the size of each item that interests you.

This process will help you determine if you will be able to move the items into the room. If a larger piece still interests you, but you are not certain if you can move it through the hall or doorway, inquire about similar items that need to be assembled. You may be able to purchase a scaled down model that looks almost the same, but that won’t take up valuable space.

If furnishings need to be assembled, find out what tools are needed to complete the assembly process and consider hiring someone to assist you with the installation process if you are uncertain that you will be able to complete the installation steps on your own.

Select Pieces That Will Match Your Lifestyle And That Will Grow With You

Your lifestyle may impact the choices that you make and you need to carefully consider any therapeutic or stylish attributes that will aid you in remaining comfortable and satisfied on a daily basis. If you have back problems, sleep apnea, or another disorder that intereferes with your sleep cycle, choose a mattress with a gel-infused interior or one that contains supportive coils or a memory foam surface.

The mattress pad should be one that is fairly easy to clean and this is especially critical if you have pets or small children who could soil the mattress when they are spending time with you in your room. If you are going to be moving to a new home in the near future or if you would like to upgrade your living quarters at some point, investing in high ticket items may not be your best bet.

Think about how your life may change in the future and ask yourself what type of furniture will transition well with the changes you encounter. If you are uncertain about where you will living in a few years, but are pretty sure that your family composition or financial stability will change, then choose more affordable furnishings now and opt for larger, more luxurious items when the time is right.

Choose Individual Pieces And Request Help From A Salesperson

Bedroom furnishings do not need to be part of a set in order to be appealing and you may be more pleased with mixing and matching pieces that each possess their own unique style. As long as items are similar in color and are constructed from the same materials, you can acquire an enesemble that will be complementary and that will represent your individuality and unique tastes.

Inquire about payment plans, and warranties when visiting Another Man’s Treasure. Request advice from a salesperson about specific furniture brands and test out pieces of furniture before you purchase them so that you are completely satisfied with the items that you buy.

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