Caves in Kentucky

When it comes to venture, caves, looking for old history and the love of the outdoors, Kentucky absolutely has you covered!  Who doesn’t love to take off down a lonely, dark tunnel, filled with spirits of the past, rock formations from thousands, even millions of years past?  I sure would!  The thrill of adventure alone is an adventure all in itself!

Did you know that Kentucky holds the longest cave system in the world?  That’s right, not just The United States alone, but worldwide!  It’s a cave system named Mammoth Cave National Park and its name truly backs itself up!  Today, I am going to be taking a quick look into some of Kentucky’s most fascinating caving systems.

Louisville Mega Cavern

Are you a person that loves to go zip lining?  Well, you’re in luck if you are because at Louisville Mega Cavern, the most talked about feature of this cavern is their extensive zip lining experiences!  They are even noted as being called, MEGA ZIPS and I wonder why?  Louisville Mega Cavern is the world’s only fully underground zip lining adventure, which makes the experience all the better!  Who wouldn’t want to go zip lining underground in the dark?

Keep in mind that the historic tram tour begins in January and lasts until October, so it’s open for nine months.  The cavern also holds Lights Under Louisville, which is a massive drive through light show during the holidays.

Diamond Caverns

This cavern, for over one hundred and fifty-five years, has offered amazing tours of this cave.  Hard to believe, right?  This cave is located adjacent to the Mammoth Caves but is still quite popular with the locals and many tourists that come to check out its beauty.  When you walk into the diamond caverns, you will be fascinated to see that thousands of establishments decorate the cathedral-like chambers.

Some people have noted this cavern to have a rather creepy feel to it as well.  Keep in mind that this cave has is presented by state-of-the-art lighting, which will feature elaborate drapery deposits, which have been lined in the hallways within cascades of naturally flamboyant calcite.

Mammoth Cave National Park

This cave system is the longest natural cave system worldwide, which definitely places good ole’ Kentucky on the map!  There are many different tours that a person can embark on, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced hiking levels.  The cave is quite the mysterious place for adventure.  Keep in mind that Mammoth Caves has been noted as being a secretive limestone cave which has fascinated people for more than four thousand years!  There are even artifacts dating back over three thousand years ago.  At Mammoth Cave National Park, there are drip stones, as well domes to keep the eye wide open with enthusiasm and every room is quite different from the last.

Keep in mind that within the Mammoth Cave area, there are over four hundred miles to explore and could be more with a recent discovery.  That’s the fun of going to explore!  Could you be the one which discovers that extra mile and room in the cave system?

Lost River Cave

Are you one to love underground boat tours?  The Lost River Cave holds Kentucky’s only underground boat tour!  Lost River offers two miles of gorgeous nature tracks, as well quite the unique butterfly environment.

If you are in the South Central, Kentucky area, then heading on over to Lost River Caves would definitely be a trip to remember, as the Lost River is located in South Central, Kentucky; as well being noted for having the largest nature parks in the South-Central region of Kentucky.

Onyx Cave

This type of caving system runs a bit on the quicker side, as the whole cave tour only takes roughly thirty minutes to complete.  At Onyx Cave, a person will be able to enjoy all the many formations, as well some stairs in the overall cave.

Keep in mind that this cave always stays at a comfortable sixty degrees and never alters, so the cave will keep the same temperature all year round.  Photography is also allowed in the cave, which is a huge plus for people that love to capture that perfect photograph!

Hidden River Cave

This caving system holds such fun and exhilarating tours that even wildlife can have been spotted during some of the cave tours!  There is even zip lining at Hidden River Cave to experience.  All the better, right?

Beginning at 9:30 in the mornings until 4:00 PM, a person can come and tour the whole caving system!  A person will be able to see historic equipment, wildlife, as well remarkable natural features that you will not be able to see in any other cave!  Some tours require you to wear specific clothing, knee pads, as well specific types of boots because believe me, at Hidden River Caves, they believe in truly getting down and dirty!  Be one with nature cannot be truer at Hidden River Caves.

Outlaw Cave

Outlaw Cave
Outlaw Cave

At Outlaw Cave, there are guided tours which have been filled with some of the most breathtaking formations.  Such formations include stalactites, as well prestigious stalagmites.  Are you a beginner hiker?

Not to fear because, at Outlaw Caves, all the courses are non-strenuous and only last roughly forty-five minutes!  This would be perfect if you’re a beginner because you will want to enjoy your hike and not wear out too quickly!  The tour times will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 6:00 PM, as well concluding with a lantern tour!  How cool is that?

Carter Caves

Carter Caves has a lot of separate tours within the caving system itself.  You can even take a bat cave tour, which may sound scary to a lot of people, but this type of tour does attract quite a lot of tourists simply because of how adventurous and taboo it is!  Who would even have the desire to tour a bat cave?  Believe me, a lot of tourists do!  Carter Caves has a tour called Wild Cave Tours, which is a more strenuous tour and isn’t recommended for expectant women, persons suffering from back pain, cannot bend or crawl.

There are tours at Carter Caves which are a bit more on the relaxed side, which would be the X Cave.  The X Cave Tour takes forty-five minutes to complete and is only ¼ mile long, as well having seventy-five stair steps; not hard!  At Carter Caves, there is truly a cave and something to get involved with for all ages, as well personalities of the family!

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