Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Spring Cleaning Last

After you have scrubbed, polished, and cleaned your vehicle to perfection, don’t you want your hard work to last? I know I would! I’ll share with you some car cleaning hacks to ensure that your Spring cleaning lasts.

Cup holders can very gross very fast. Once you finally scrub that clean you want to keep it clean. By placing a cupcake liner into your cup holder you can prevent the cup holder from getting gross, and easy to change out when needed.

Spring is here and so is the rain that brings flowers. To keep your windshield wipers streak free, douse them with rubbing alcohol. This will make your windows clear and smear-free when the rain comes. If you really want to fight against rain on your windshields and have clear vision don’t just rely on the squeegee cleaners at the gas station. Instead, clean your windshield with glass cleaner and top it off with a coat of Rain X, this will make rain bead right off your window. Your headlights also help you see during rain and night time, you don’t want them dirty. With the help of some toothpaste and baking soda, your headlights will be bright and clean.

Spring brings warmer weather which can cause a warm car. You can’t always have your windows open when driving so you rely on your AC system to cool you off; this is why having clean vents is important. Use a foam art painting brush since they can reach into those small spaces and remove dust. If your vents need some extra work, try using some compressed air to blast out dust and other allergens.

Your cars floor mats take in the most dirt, mud, and other grim. Your shoes track in the most debris and spread it onto the mats. You can give them a deep cleaning by first spraying them with a stain spray before throwing them in the washer. They come out stain free and looking brand new. Another culprit of tracking in the dirt is your pet. As soon as they enter your car they start shedding everywhere and it’s difficult to remove those fine hairs. A trick to getting all the pet hair out is to first spray the area with water to loosen the hair up, then take a squeegee and wipe the hair away. The wet hair will stick to the squeegee and come out without a fight. This is a great way to banish one allergen away from allergy season.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Use these preventative measures to keep your car clean so that it lasts all through Spring! When you’re ready for an oil change, other preventative maintenance, or other auto repair or service, make your appointment with Auto Excel in Lexington today! You can find us at 271 Gold Rush Rd Suite 1, Lexington, KY 40503. See you soon!

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