Bringing Nature Into Your Home with Natural Design Elements

People have been decorating their homes with natural, or organic, elements for many years. It has become more popular of the past few years. People often feel at home in a natural environment. It fills them with a sense of peace and deep calm. It makes perfect sense that so many want to bring that feeling inside their home. They want it to be a place that is warm and welcoming.

Natural elements are those that start in their most natural forms. They are usually flowing pieces with curves and arches. They can bring new life into your home. Natural elements can also be furniture that is inspired by the outdoors. Another Man’s Treasure offers an amazing selection of furniture and accessories that would be a wonderful addition to blend with your natural elements.

Helpful Decorating Tips for the Natural Look

There are many ways to add natural touches to your home decoration. You can put them together yourself or purchase them already assembled. Most often, it is the simplest natural piece that will tie your space together. Items that have interesting and different shapes could really make the area with which you are working pop.

You can start by considering the walls in your home. Having an exposed brick wall is a great way to bring natural elements into your home. It gives a sense of sturdiness to your home and uniformity as the bricks are layered in a pattern. Wood is another way to bring natural elements to your home. You can have wood flooring and exposed wood beams in the ceiling. You can add natural wood furniture, which is not only elegant but add a touch of craftsmanship to your home.

Another consideration for wood is in your bathroom. Wood walls were first inspired by saunas, which creates a feeling of a natural bathing by removing or making fixtures unnoticeable and providing natural daylight. You can bring some of that relaxing feeling to your own bathroom by adding natural wood walls. Changing the walls in your house may be too big of an undertaking. Do not fear, there are plenty of other ways you can bring natural elements into your home.

Branches and Neutrals

When determining to design with natural items, you should be careful to make sure the piece is to scale with the rest of the items for display. You can consider using a twisted branch that can lay on its side on a stack of books, or a box. As long as it is the same proportion, it will create balance for your display. Often you will find neutral colors like white, beige, and ivory in natural elements. You can add a touch of color to make those neutral colors pop. Paint the back of a cabinet, or bookshelf, or some other larger piece of furniture with a color that stands out and it will make the whites seem even whiter. You can add some pizazz with coral and shells.

Rustic Look

Perhaps you prefer a more rustic look and want to add antlers to your decorations. Even the most modern of homes can benefit from a strategically placed set of antlers. Don’t overlook them just because you think they might not mix well. Give them a try and you might be surprised. If you still aren’t sold on adding antlers to your decor, you can still go for a rustic look with using a woodgrain pattern on your furniture and accessories.

Most modern decoration has defined angled corner and sleek design. Even these homes can benefit from the touch of a soft natural feel. Something simple like a stool that looks like the stump of a tree, or well placed thick twisted branch of a tree can add a splash of natural elements giving a more balanced look.

Don’t forget the ceiling when creating a rustic look. Wooden beams on the ceiling are a beautiful way to create that cozy cottage feel. Add a weathered farm table and cabinets that are aged, or at least look aged and you’ve created that outdoorsy feel inside. You can add finishes that are sun bleached to keep the rustic look going.

Flora and Fauna

Maybe you aren’t into the sticks and twigs, but flowers and greens are more your thing. You can select art and fabrics with flowers. You could get fancy and go with an abstract watercolor. If you have a room that is full of earthy and lush greens, add artwork that contains botanicals or birds to complement the colors.

Houseplants are a great way to add natural elements to your home. You can do so many things with potted plants. You can get different sized pots to create a centerpiece that is both balanced and unique. Just be mindful that the plants aren’t too high that those sitting at the table can’t see the person sitting across the table.

A terrarium is a great and classy way to display flowers, mosses, or plants. You can place them on a dining room table, or a console table. Add some books about gardening or a small bird statue and your look is complete. This is your opportunity to get creative. Mix and match natural elements that you might not commonly see together in their natural environment. You don’t have to be rigid in your design. Try filling a seashell with a succulent and small pebbles. Consider pairing moss with shells, or river rocks and palms.

Decorating with natural elements does not mean you have to give up on rich colors. Use flowers like orchids, that are colorful, and ceramic vases that are vividly colorful to hold branches. Marry the two looks together in unique ways. You can also blend patterns that are more modern with natural colors. For example, find a geometric area rug that is in browns and whites. This allows you to mix the two styles together to create an interesting blend. Remember, you do not have to adhere to any particular rules. Create something new by putting two things together that you haven’t seen before.

Vessels and Other Art

You can add natural elements to items that have a function, such as furniture, to give them an extra touch. You can dress up a hutch or bakers rack that is functional for storing items with potted plants in silver or ceramic vessels. You can match pretty bowls with trays to store loose and random objects, or add shells to one of those bowls.

Want a centerpiece? How about using cylinder like vases of different heights, add some water in them and finish them off with leaves of different colors and textures. It gives an updated look to an old favorite. Something you may not have considered is rocks. Consider adding cut agates to a display on a bookshelf; it will add depth and texture.

Beachy Vibe

Do you love the beach and want to bring a little of it into your home? Remember to be open with your design. There is a sense of free spiritedness that goes along with a beach vibe. Be sure to bring that to your decorating. Conch shells and woven rugs are excellent choices to bring the beach vibe into any room. Make a sculpture out of old boat oars. Prop them against the way and you have an instant sculpture.

There are many ways to add the beach feeling to a room. Consider wood paneling that has been whitewashed. Adding wicker furniture and gingham is an easy way to add the feeling of the beach to any room. If you are considering adding plants to create a beach vibe, make sure they are plants that you find in the sea.

When thinking about what colors to add to your room with that beach feel, add blues that remind you of the water and beiges that make you think of warn sand. You want to invoke a feeling of the beach so that you can almost smell the salty air and feel the breeze blowing off the water. If it makes you feel that way, then add it to your room. The beach is relaxing and you want to create a sense of relaxation in your home. When you are at the beach, look for things on the sane that you can add to your rooms. Think more broadly than you normally would. You can use beachgrass or driftwood to round out the room. Other items like sand dollars, sea glass, or sea shells, that you find on the beach will help your home have that fresh off the beach feel.

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