BMW started in 1916, it stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, when translated into English it means Bavarian Motor Works. Initially, BMW mostly made airplane engines, until they started making cars that set records for speed. Today, BMW’s are still known as the ultimate driving machines and have built a respectable performance car brand.

You can quickly identify the brand with its blue and white checkered circle logo on every car. They took off during the 1980s through the 1990s. In 1996 the Z3 model was a massive success after it served as James Bond’s car in the movie GoldenEye. BMW kept the momentum of the Z3 victory and made a hardtop version of it with a unique design called the Z3M. The Z3M was very powerful and sporty yet practical.

BMW has a history of making classic cars, but what makes a car a classic? Most people would say the brand and the long line of history that made the brand. Car fans enjoy the lineage of vehicles the brand has made, and the essence of what stands for BMW has turned some of them into cult-like classics (like 2002!). The BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe became a classic in part because of how rare it is and is now worth more than when originally produced.

BMW cars are different than a classic Corvette or Mustang and are more sought after by collectors. Another car that is considered a BMW classic is the E92 M3. It’s the only M3 ever to have a V8 engine which revs up to 8,250 RPM. BMW launched its first electric car, i3, in 2014. Right now it may not seem like a classic, but in a few years, it just might be.

BMW cars share some similarities with each other, the small footprint, they are lightweight and have a pure focus on steering. To this day the M1 is still considered to be BMWs greatest car made. It was designed by Giugiaro, a well known Italian automobile designer, and the BMW quickly became legendary.

Lastly, the E39 540i is a gentleman’s sporting sedan that could easily beat the Mustang GT in any drag race. It has a whopping 400 horsepower that can still outrace a majority of new cars.

BMW has endured many challenges since their inception, but they are masters at adjusting and staying true to their vision and mission. Their innovation, customer loyalty, and unmatched driving pleasure have led to their reputation as being the ultimate driving car and a collector’s dream. Not all BMWs are classics, yet. A majority of the models will become classics in their own time. If you require the ultimate driving experience, then a BMW is the car for you.

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