Best Trail Towns In Kentucky

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There are numerous hiking tracks in Kentucky for all types of hikers like strollers, horse riders or bicyclists. Even there are some specific routes for boaters as well.

Although thousands of visitors often visit these trails, yet only a few of them know that there are some specific “Trail Towns” that are authorized by the state.

You may think of these Trail Towns as the entrances to the outdoor heavenly world of this Bluegrass State. The primary objective behind the creation and maintenance of these towns is to promote tourism in Kentucky by making it easier to access, by anyone.

Secondly, they provide all necessities like food, resorts, clothing and temporary residences to the weary travelers and hikers.

There is a total of sixteen such towns, located in different parts of the state. Let’s have a look at all of them:


Slade, located in Powell County, is one of the most beautiful trail towns. If you ever get a chance to visit Kentucky, then it should be the first place for you to visit. The hike towards Natural Bridge is surely the most challenging one and awesome as well.


Located in Laurel County London promises a lot of fun and adventure, it is most famous for its cycling community. It is due to the topography of town which is best suited to support cycling activities in the city.


The beautiful state of Columbia is located alongside Russell Creek, in Adair County in the South of Kentucky. Due to the unique location of the Creek, which joins with Green River and Green River State Park, this town has got some incredibly beautiful trails for all sorts of hikers.

Cumberland, Benham & Lynch

These trail towns, situated between two mountain systems, are very close to each other. The towns merge to form a single marvelous trail known as the Pine Mountain Scenic Trail within Harlan County. If you ever got a chance to visit this interesting spot then don’t miss out the Kingdom Come State Park located near it.

Dawson Springs

Dawson Springs is located in Hopkins and Caldwell Counties in the West of Kentucky. It became the first Trail Town to be authorized officially by the state. The Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, located in the town, has got some real classy trails and one top of that, it also has a beautiful lake.

Elkhorn City

Elkhorn City is located in Pike County near the Virginia border. Best known for its exciting whitewater games, this town is an ideal spot for adventure loving people. “Grand Canyon of the South” also presents a lot of enjoyable and refreshing activities for tourists.


Jamestown is located in Russell County. It also provides various adventures to the hikers and tourists. It is also called the gateway to Lake Cumberland. The sixteen miles of the Cumberland River Paddle Trail is the most excellent water trail; you will ever visit in your life.


Stearns, located in McCreary County, is best known for its railway track and thrilling rides. This town also promises a lot of adventure since it is connected to two famous places; the Stearns District of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Its unique location makes it one of the most liked hiking trail in Kentucky.


Livingston, located in Rockcastle County, was the first ever authorized Trail Town in Eastern Kentucky. The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail passing through it is said to be the most beautiful trail in Eastern Kentucky.


Manchester, located in Clay County, has many beautiful creeks and rivers which provide a lot of adventures to the hikers; especially those who enjoy water trails. The Redbird District of the Daniel Boone National Forest has got ATV trails in the region which provide splendid views to the visitors.


McKee is located in Jackson County in the hills of Daniel Boone National Forest. This town is truly an outdoor paradise providing a sense of peace to its visitors. This Trail Town is best known for trails for horse riding with the famous Triple R Ranch.


Morehead, located in Rowan County, is known for Cave Run Lake which is probably the best fishing spot in town. It reroutes the Sheltowee Trace Trail by running right through downtown.


berea ky trail townBerea is a lovely small town situated in Madison County. This city is famous not only for its appealing natural beauty but also for its arts festivals and historic buildings. The enchanting scenery around the Pinnacle Trails is truly captivating and is surely one of its kind.


Munfordville is located in Hart County. The town is famous for the “Green River”, which provides a beautiful paddle trail, and the Kentucky’s Stonehenge, which is a replica of the English landmark created by a Munfordville resident.

Olive Hill 

Olive Hill is located in Carter County. It connects to the Carter Caves State Resort Park through an excellent and beautiful trail.


Royalton, located in Magoffin County, lies in the center of famous Dawkins Line Rail Trail. It was previously a railway track that has now been transformed into thirty-six miles long, fascinating trail, full of adventure.

Did you know about these Kentucky’s Trail Towns? Have you ever visited any of these? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments section below and let us know about your favorite Kentucky spot!

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