Abandoned Tragic Burned House Vlog Franklin KY My Haunted Diary

I am NOT able to verify but I found an article from late summer of 2016 that was in this area of town it states a 60 year old man died from injury sustained in a fire at his house where he was bedridden and on oxygen and apparently he caught fire in his room at the residence could it have been spontaneous combustion at the end of this video off my phone you will see a cat coming from a home across the road to get the feeling this cat knew whomever lived here or had some sort of tie to this place when I zoomed in on picks off google of this house in 2013 it says it is hog-eye Town Hall hog-eye is said to me in a kind of Mart or canal it is also an area within Franklin Kentucky where this house was located I could find no historical reference to this place and you have a horse and carriage in front of you well this guy’s going around he five lives here he’s like it screw this I see this every day I’m knob road here working town road I guess you can go around them see ya just find a stretch you can say can you say that was fun yeah talk about a house falling apart but this one definitely caught fire so check it out this this house is towable can’t even see like a look at the teapot right there there’s a teapot see it teapot look at a an ironing board near definitely gutters I’m sure everything was still inside here and it caught fire I’m gonna she met here I see the chairs inside wood chairs that’s let’s see the book shelves and furniture stuff in here way back in there’s beds burned up now here Shakertown Kentucky y’all come on in y’all stop by there [Applause] yes sir there’s a front door the light is still on there like sister go and the other side good jump and still have a good garbage waste here I want that belong to the house that’s what the flicka trashing it’s a good shape look at this had a chair those look like it oh yeah like a upholstery on that snare right there cassette recorder like a mother furniture right here tabletop paranormal activity possibly captured in this next upcoming clip what did I miss – things just happened both of which I was not aware of as they occurred one a small metal electric utility type door opens in the middle of the wall – a voice is picked up right after as a vehicle passes by in the distance I’m going to replay this clip point out the visual and slow it down see the metal cabinet box on wall when I pan back past it next you will see it open there will be a voice EVP that follows [Applause] was that metal door opening caused by some type wind well I did not feel any breeze and it seems less likely looking at the natural surroundings and the inside structure was that voice just pareidolia or someone from inside the passing vehicle I don’t think so because there is an obvious vocal tone here and syllables doubted his matrix of sound the voice is isolated from the vehicle noise without any distorted interference plus what is said seems to reference something hot that perhaps was electrical in the house and caught fire in other words intelligent you’re seeing it she’s shaking it here in Shaker count gets a bit nippy here people end up shaking around thus the name of the town here look at the barn back here it’s uneven barn but it’s like a utility [ __ ] out of some sort had some glass on here – surprisingly yes indeed that’s dad all right it is bye-bye to the burned up destroyed home eventually to be tore down oh hey Kepler good find look at that Adam over here I’ll shoot love you dead Elmo knows it rekt these rags Chris I was a dental see the antlers she got antlers on the bar not a real hunt that’s what we’re keeping right there that’s a ditch side did little probably good eatin too she’s only gonna do to go in turn this like that push you’re ready and then you’re in welcome welcome inside for now here KITT KITT she’s coming over this way she is the loudest cat I heard she’s running over here to she’s like take me please what’s the matter kitty where you going don’t go to the burned up house don’t go to the burned up house please kitty don’t go it’s just not safe there’s no good food in there cat looks like she’s scared it’s like a scared cat it’s going to the burned up home alright well maybe her kitten friend get burned up in the home as you same you

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